PlayStation Underground 1.1 Demo Disc Set

PSX PlayStation Underground 1.1 Release

Unfolded CD Case Release


Sony Computer Entertainment
Varies by Title
Sony ID:
SCUS-94161 (Both discs)
006590, 006600
1 to 2 Players
Varies per download
Kids to Adult – Teen
Box Copy:

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The PlayStation Underground CD Magazine for members only. Open and get inside games like never before.

The software in this product is rated from “KA” to “T”




  • There are no known variants.




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This contains a wide variety of content including video interviews, codes, demos, and more.

Disc 1

The first disc is more the ‘magazine’ part of the set, where there are various features and demos of already existing games.

  • Imports
    • Dynasty Warriors
      This was an early preview of the game, which eventually was released in America.
  • Tech Q+A

    • A brief slideshow explaining how the viewer can email questions to PlayStation Underground
  • Debriefing

    • Interview with David Jaffe the Producer and Designer for Twisted Metal 2
  • Behind The Scenes

    • Making of the Twisted Metal 2 Commercial
    • Making of NFL Game Day 97
  • Download Station

    • The download station provided developer created saves stored on the disc that could be downloaded to the Memory Card. There was only 1 game on this issue.
      • Save 1: Carnage Heart
        25 Different OKEs to Use or Challenge Created by the Game’s Designers. Includes descriptions from the designers.
  • Event Center

    • E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) Show Floor and the construction of the Sony booth there. Pretty cool to watch the time-lapse.
  • Bulletins

    • Black Market Stuff – Sony Apparel and Accessories
    • Send Us Your Game Art!
    • Send us a review of the PlayStation Underground
    • Subscribe Now
    • Music Music Music – Find the Two Music Videos on Disc 2!
    • Legal Notices
    • Get The Next Transmission
    • Underground Subscription Video Ad
  • Code Book

    • The disc has a laundry list of programmer’s cheats that gamers could write down and then use once the game was swapped in. It should be noted Sony shortened the game names to fit in the confined list graphic, so we have kept them in their original order below. For example, Battle Arena Toshinden was just ‘Toshinden’, hence why it is in the T area and not B.

      • Hot New Codes
        You Must Use Programmers Cheats to Find the Codes!
      • Code Archive
        Adidas Power Soccer
        Assault Rigs
        Bogey Dead 6
        Destruction Derby
        Destruction Derby 2
        ESPN Extreme Games
        NCAA Gamebreaker
        NFL Game Day
        Jumping Flash
        Jumping Flash 2
        King of Fighters 95
        Lemmings 3D
        Mortal Kombat 3
        Raiden Project, The
        Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood
        Tobal No. 1
        Battle Arena Toshinden
        Twisted Metal
        Wipeout XL
Disc 2

Disc 2 was more the standard demo disc, with nothing but playable and video demos of various games.




Screenshots from Disc 1

Screenshots from Disc 2



  • There are currently no videos for this game.




  • The PlayStation Underground had a nifty gimmick when it came to hidden content. In this original issue, they flat out tell you you’ll need to find various hidden goodies via programmer’s cheats. They just don’t tell you what those button inputs are.In Volume 2, they gave away all the secret inputs and material it uncovered. This tradition of showing you what the previous issue’s secrets were would become a running gimmick in the series.
  • If you press Start when in the menu selection screen, the option to turn off the music pops up. Press Select to go back.




The first Underground disc set has 2 hidden music videos, a hidden Blasto teaser video, and even a character of a then Sony employee. Here are the locations and button commands you’ll need to see everything.

Programmer’s Cheats – Disc 1
  • Blasto Teaser Trailer
    Download Station – At the selection screen where you must choose between the developer comments on their creations or the save download, hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and press Square.
  • Cool Boarders Hints
    Tech Q&A – At the first list of possible questions screen, press Square, Triangle, Circle.
  • Credits
    Scroll till you get to the Events Center icon but don’t accept. Now press Square, Triangle, Circle, Cross. If you watched Disc 1’s intro video, you’ll see something familiar. : )
  • Jet Moto Hints
    Hot / Code Archive – At the screen where you must choose between Hot Codes or the Archive, press Triangle, Triangle, Triangle.
  • Momma Michelle caricature
    The Vault – When you are at the selection screen for the 4 possible games, press Square, Triangle, Circle, L1, R1. This will make a caricature of former Sony employee Michelle Vercelli. She was previously a product manager.
  • NFL Gameday 97 Hints
    Behind The Scenes – At the screen where you must choose between the two videos, press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2
  • Twisted Metal 2 Hints
    Code Book – Scroll till you see the Code Book icon, but don’t accept. Press Circle, Triangle, Square.
Programmer’s Cheats – Disc 2
  • Ginuwine “Pony” Music Video
    In Stores Now – At the menu where you choose which game to play, press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2 and then press Triangle 3 times.
  • Resident Evil 2/1.5 Trailer
    Coming Soon – At the screen where you choose between Abe or Jurassic Park, press Triangle, Triangle, Triangle. This was one of the first preview videos of Resident Evil 2 before it was cancelled and remade. It’s referred to as ‘Resident Evil 1.5″
  • NHL Face Off ’97 Contest
    Coming Soon – At the screen where you choose between Abe or Jurassic Park press Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Square. This was a sweepstakes to win a jersey and more.
  • The Urge “All Washed Up” Music Video
    Main Menu – At main menu where you have the text window, Coming Soon and Available Now, press Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle.


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