NFL Game Day

Plastic Ridged Long Box Release

Genre: Football CDs: 1
Publisher: Sony Released: November 21, 1995
Developer: Sony UPC: 7 11719 45052 8
Sony ID: SCUS-94505 PSRM: 000510
Players: 1 to 2 Players Memory: 2 to 8 Blocks
Accessories: None
ESRB: Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:

All 30 NFL teams & over 1,500 real NFL players.  You’re quarterbacking the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl.  You’re down by 4 and on your own 35 with “57 on the clock.  You hit Michael Irvin down the left sideline and he scampers for 32.  The clock’s running… you take the snap and hit Jay Novacek in the flat and he rambles for 20.  First and ten on the 13 with 22 ticks left to play.  Can you make Super Bowl history?

GameDay Play Modes:

  • Preseason, Regular Season, Playoffs & the Super Bowl.
  • Team Management: trade players & sign free agents to create your own NFL dynasty.
  • Realistic NFL Action: Players rendered in true 3D – Hurdles, stiff arms, swim moves, diving catches, jukes, spins, forearm shivers, speed bursts, diving tackles, injuries, and more!
  • Real Player Attributes: Players abilities based on their real stats and are scaled to actual height and weight.
  • All 30 NFL Fields: Different stadiums with NFL team logos and painted end-zones on the real turf with CD quality sound and 4 dynamic playing perspectives.
  • Complete Stat Tracking: Track stats for over 1,500 real NFL players for an entire season.





Flat Cardboard Variant Release – SI Sports Added to Manual


Flat Cardboard Variant – SI Sports on Both Box and Manual


Jewel Case Release – Square Players Logo (Bottom Left of Manual)


Jewel Case Variant – Circle Logo (Bottom Left of Manual)


Greatest Hits Release




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