Area 51

Jewel Case Release – Single Ring Release


Light Gun Game
Midway / Atari
November 26, 1996
Tantalus / Perfect Entertainment
0 31763 12284 5
Sony ID:
1 to 2 Players
No Blocks
Mouse, Light Gun
Mature Realistic Violence
Box Copy:

Your Mission:
As a soldier in the elite S.T.A.A.R. Forces, your assignment is to penetrate alien forces at Area 51, and eliminate the threat of the deadly alien infection that has spread throughout the base. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

  • Incredible cinematic effects and stop motion animation sequences!
  • Six long, intense stages of constant gunfire and alien encounters!
  • Engaging Sci-fi story line with Aliens, UFOs, and secret experiment cover-ups!
  • Tons of secret rooms and buried government secrets!
  • Includes original arcade secret rooms, plus additional secret rooms!
  • Powerups and sophisticated weaponry keep you armed and dangerous!
  • Explore an accurate recreation of the most secretive airbase in the world!





Released in a standard jewel case as well. The CD went to a double ring hub as well.

Variant – 2 Ring Hub Releas




  • There are no known misprints.






Overview – Not a Review

A wonderfully (and purposefully) cheesy CG / stop-motion / FMV light gun game that only asks the gamer to keep the bullets coming. Lots of hidden rooms, tons of angles for enemies to pop out of, and a good set of options and practice area make this one a surprising hit. Though it has fallen to the wayside in past years (due to LCD TVs), the game really does deserve a few times through. There’s just something about stop-motion zombies that’s more endearing than animal training programs.


The Good

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The Bad

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  • Originally released in the arcades, then to home on the PlayStation and Saturn.
  • Despite having a High Score setting, the game does not save to a Memory Card.
  • The game supports a unique “Hidden Room” feature. Essentially, you must shoot a series of items (usually windows) in order to access a quick secret room that will give you a ton of power-ups. To unlock the first room, simply shoot out the entire back wall of windows in the opening warehouse stage.
  • The game received a short lived sequel in the Arcades called “Site 4”.
  • Another Light Gun game that doesn’t mention the option in the package.
  • The aliens and zombies in the game were all stop-motion captured, similar to what Midway did with Goro, Motaro, and Sheeva in Mortal Kombat.
  • Neat trick: Shoot only the first 3 humans in the game, and you go into Alien Hunter Mode.



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