Maximum Force

PSX PlaySation Maximum Force

Jewel Case Release – Contest with Poster


Genre: Light Gun Game CDs: 1
Publisher: Midway Released: September 26, 1997
Developer: Tantalus / Atari Games UPC: 0 31719 26978 5
Sony ID: SLUS-00503 PSRM: 007520
Players: 1 to 2 Players Memory: None
Accessories: Light Gun
ESRB: Mature Animated Blood, Animated Violence
Box Copy:


Sometimes you’d feel better if you could just shoot everything in sight. (But then there’s that death penalty thing.)

Time to lock and load, pal. Straight from arcades everywhere, here comes Maximum Force, where it’s you against elusive terrorists and you control the body count. You’ll board helicopters, ATV’s, underwater vehicles and shoot literally everything in sight. Gun down slimeballs on three completely different missions. Blast your way into over 35 secret rooms and blow away everything with extreme prejudice. With Maximum Force, there’s no such thing as too much firepower.

MAXIMUM FORCE. Go ahead, pull the trigger.



The print run of Maximum Force had a nifty contest. Consumers would open the case to reveal a poster that had a questionnaire on it. They would have to take it to the arcades and use the arcade machine to answer said questions. Once completed, they’d send it off to Midway. The poster is featured below.



There are no known “plain” versions of Maximum Force, which would need to be factory sealed to prove the case. Contest versions of Maximum Force have a giant sticker on the back calling out the contest – See scan at the top of the page.




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1997 Promotional Video from Midway “Rocks The House”

Promotional Video from Midway “Watch This Tape!”

GameRaveTV Light Gun Episode



  • Runs on the same engine concept as Area 51, but with human enemies rather than aliens and human experiments.
  • The game features 35 hidden rooms, each requiring some sort of on-screen activation to open. For example, shooting all the vents in a room, or shooting all the hanging photos in another.
  • The “Maximum Cool” contest promised $12,000 in various prizes along with the chance to star in the Area 51 sequel.

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