Best Buy Greatest Hits Demo Disc Volume One

PSX PlayStation Demo Best Buy Greatest Hits Demo Disc Volume One

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Genre: Compilation CDs: 1
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Released: 2002
Developer: Varies by Game UPC: 7 11719 46682 6
Sony ID: SLUS-94668 PSRM: 024060
Players: Varies by Game Memory: None
Accessories: Varies by Game
ESRB: Everybody to Teen -Varies by Game
Box Copy:

Each year, only the most successful titles on PlayStation are inducted into the Greatest Hits lineup.

Now, only at Best Buy do you get to try some of the best Greatest Hits around. Great games…great price!



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The Best Buy Greatest Hits Demo CD Volume 1 was supposed to be the beginning of a store exclusive series. Each demo would have promoted specific Greatest Hits titles in the PlayStation library. Sadly by the time this was released in 2002, both new Greatest Hits games and even new PlayStation games were coming to a crawl. Whether it was due to these facts or poor sales, there was no chance for a sequel.

The disc includes playable demos for the following retail games:



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