PSX Hi-Octane

Bullfrog publishes a Hi-Octane, a racing game that is a bit hard to follow, and faces stiff competition from the likes of Wipeout and CyberSpeed.

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HardBall 5

PSX Hardball 5

Hardball 5 brings yet another PC fan favorite to the PlayStation. With this kind of support, PlayStation’s sport genre is going to have a nice shelf life.

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PSX Gunship

Micro Prose wanders into the PlayStation console territory with their helicopter game Gunship. It’s an arcade style hunt in a world of simuations.

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Goal Storm

PSX Goal Storm

Konami continues it’s sports game traditions with Goal Storm, a soccer game that hopes to take on EA Sports’ FIFA series in a new rivalry.

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The wacky and sarcastic tongue of Gex hops aboard the 3DO port train to PlayStation, retaining the same mascot fun as the original.

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Geom Cube

PSX Geom Cube

Geom Cube is a Tetris alternative with a different point of view, literally. Look down into the well rather than from it’s side…and hope for the best.

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FIFA Soccer 96

PSX FIFA Soccer 96

EA Sports brings their tried and true simulation FIFA Soccer 96 to the PlayStation system, but it still feels like a higher resolution Super Nintendo game.

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Fade to Black

PSX Fade to Black

Fade to Black is the sequel to Flashback from the Super Nintendo and Genesis days. While the move to 3D is cool, does it actually improve the game?

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