Skeleton Warriors

PSX PlayStation Skeleton Warriors Plastic Ridged Long Box Black Label Release

Plastic Ridged Long Box Release


PlayMates Interactive
May 21, 1996
Neversoft Entertainment
7 96298 06580 6
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1 Player
Kids to Adults Animated Violence
Box Copy:

His sword slices the air inches from your face. You realize his next furious swing could mean your death. His size, his power, his savage strength are stunning. You can barely breathe, let alone fight, in the face of the evil Baron Dark™ and his Skeleton Legion. As Prince Lightstar, you alone are the final defense against the terrifying skeletal brigade. This is no easy task, for Baron Dark holds half of the mighty Lightstar Crystal. With it, he can change anyone with an evil heart into an evil Skeleton slave. You must stalk him… you must conquer him… you must not return without the Crystal. You need to put the forces of good and evil back in balance.  If you fail… you and your once-peaceful world will pay.

  • Fully rendered 3D characters and full-motion video sequences plunge you into an impressive fantasy environment.
  • 100 vicious enemies await you in 20 savage levels – think you can handle it?
  • Soar through an amazing 3D rendered world on a skybike, with enemies swarming relentlessly above and below.
  • The smoothest character animations you’ve even seen!
  • CD-quality soundtrack by award winning Tommy Tallarico.







Skeleton Warriors was released twice in the Jewel Case variant – one with the single ring hub, and one with the 2 ring hub. While the discs are a pain in the ass to color correct post-scan, they are indeed two different shades. The packaging appears to be the same for both.

PSX PlayStation Skeleton Warriors 1 Ring Hub

Jewel Case – 1 Ring Hub “Thin Outer Ring”

There’s also a “thick” 1-Ring version where the outer ring is a lot more chubby.

PSX-Skeleton-Warriors-1 Ring Hub Thick Line Variant

1-Ring “Thick Outer Ring” Variant

My 2 Ring Hub variant is just slightly sun-baked.

Jewel Case Release – 2 Ring Hub




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  • Released 2 years after the cartoon show and toyline of the same name debuted. The show only lasted one season and the toy line soon followed.
  • The origin story of the characters is a bit similar to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – specifically the toy line. The crystal that powers Lumicity physically alters whoever it comes in contact with based on their alignment. Evil characters become the skeletons, heroic characters are granted superpowers, and the neutral human becomes half human and half skeleton. In the TMNT toy line, the ooze changes a human Splinter to a ran because he was around them most, and the turtles become more human because they were around Splinter. PlayMates produced both toy lines.
  • Skeleton Warriors is based on a toy line from PlayMates – the same company that did the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys. While the series never truly caught on, the initial Skeleton Warriors line is peculiar in that it favored the bad guys. They had two vehicles and outnumbered the good guys 5 to 3. There was also a 13-episode cartoon show and a comic series.
  • The game may have shipped unfinished. In one cinematic, Prince Lightstar’s eyes and part of the cheek area are completely missing. It’s not clear if he’s supposed to be possibly turning into a skeleton himself at this point, as he appears fine in the cinematics before and after the incident. The goof happens after you defeat Shriek.
  • Prince Lightstar is the only good guy to appear in the game, despite there being at least two more male figures in the toy line and a female (voiced by Jennifer Hale of Mass Effect fame!) in the cartoon series.
  • On the bad guy side, Dr. Cyborn appears to be the only bad guy excluded from the toy line. All the other bad guys are presented as bosses. Neither of the enemy vehicle toys made it.
  • The air cycle that Lightstar rides, along with the enemy air vehicles in the bonus stages is based on the cartoon show. The good guy air bike is a bit thinner in the game compared to the show. The game changes the enemy ship’s original red color depending on what bonus stage you’re on.
  • In the game, a devil-like creature narrates the opening story sequence. In the cartoon show it was merely a floating golden skull. with a helmet. With the cartoon show and the game 2 years apart, it’s not clear if it was two different interpretations of the same concept or if Neversoft was trying to do its own thing.
  • Much of the game’s levels and enemies are based on the cartoon show, but there appear to be some dubious creative choices made to them. The Simians – a race of gorilla creatures – are neutral to either side in the show. In the game, they’re presented as enemies and you get to slaughter them just like the skeletons. They were featured in the episode, “Brawl and Chain”.
  • The game features a gimmick for defeating enemies. You must collect their HeartStone, or their pieces will slowly reassemble back into a warrior. This creates not only a sense of urgency but some minor tactics you wouldn’t take into account in other games.
  • The original long box CD art has the PSRM incorrectly located underneath the PlayStation logo. The jewel case release correctly relocates it to the outer rim.
  • There are no continues. Tread lightly.




Skeleton Warriors has all the best cheat codes to help you get through this hilariously challenging game.

  • 99 Lives
    Pause the game, then press Right, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square, Circle, Left, Down, Left, Circle, Triangle, Square. When you unpause, your lives will be 99.
  • Bounce Physics
    Pause the game, then press Down, Up, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, Square, Triangle. When unpaused, jumping will cause you to bounce quite a few times before finally regaining your footing. You will also now slide on every surface.
  • Handstand
    Pause the game, then press Right, Circle, Triangle, Circle, Right, Square. Once unpaused, you will now walk on your hands as if you were climbing the ceiling. Repeat to undo the code.
  • Invincibility
    Pause the game, then press Down, Circle, Square, Square, Up, Cross. Your character will become see-through. Repeat the code to turn it off.
  • Infinite Jump
    Pause the game, then press Left, Circle, Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, Up, Left. If you hold the jump button, you will fly upwards.
  • Level Select
    Start an Easy-difficulty game. Pause and press Triangle, Circle, Circle, Left, Circle, Up, Down. Hold Start+Select+L1+L2+R1+R2 for a few seconds, and at the title screen head into Options. At the very top, you will now see “Test Start” and  “1 Mine” next to it.
  • 1-Hit Kills
    Pause the game, then press Circle, Left, Down, Triangle, Right, Circle, Up, Triangle. You will now kill everything in one hit. Bosses take 1 hit per life bar.
  • Infinite Heartstones
    Pause the game, then press Left, Up, Cross, Square, Up, Down, Square. Your heartstone count will never go below 80.
  • View Location Data
    Pause the game, then press Left, Up, Cross, Circle. Once unpaused, at the bottom right will be two numbers. The left number is the horizontal position, and the right is vertical.


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