Punky Skunk

PSX PlayStation Punky Skunk

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Genre: Platformer CDs: 1
Publisher: Jaleco Released: March 16, 1998
Developer: Visit Co. UPC: 0 32264 50007 1
Sony ID: SLUS-00579 PSRM: 009130
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: None
ESRB: Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:

Punky Skunk

Punky ain’t your typical mascot “with an attitude.” He’s a gen-X skunk who loves extreme sports – and he’s on a mission! He’s gotta save his friends, rescue his forest home and stop a mad wolf’s diabolical plot to rule the world!

Over 30 huge levels with multiple pathways and bonus levels!  Think you’ve played it all?  Think again!

  • Action packed – in the air, on land and underground, in the water, too!
  • Trash, skate, dig, glide and jump past legions of mutant mice!
  • Filled with that classic 2D action that everyone’s been talking about!



Labelled “Kids to Adults” even though the newly created “E for Everyone” ESRB rating was in play. The game may have been held back on its actual distribution causing the oddity.




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  • The back third screenshot reads ‘Tomb Wader’ – an obvious nod to Tomb Raider, as Punky Skunk looks to be in a long buried ruin.
  • According to Moby Games, it started as a Super Nintendo game, but was cancelled in favor of a PlayStation release.

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