NBA Live 97

PSX PlayStation NBA Live 97 Black Label Retail Release

Jewel Case Release


EA Sports
November 30, 1996
Electronic Arts
0 14633 07730 8
Sony ID:
1 to 8 Players
1 to 5 Blocks
Multi-Tap (x2)
Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:


  • IMPROVED Cameras for rock-steady gameplay
  • NEW Reverse layups ā€˜nā€™ dunks
  • All 29 NBA teams plus 2 NBA All-Star teams
  • NEW Create, Edit, Trade, and Release players
  • NEW 1996-97 updated rosters
  • Complete stats and ratings for all players
  • NEW NBA PA announcer
  • Exhibition, Playoffs, and full 1996-97 NBA schedule Season play
  • Unrivaled multiplayer competition with up to 8 PLAYERS
  • NEW Sound, music and video

FLUID GAMEPLAY – Track stats and ratings
REAL NBA MOTION-CAPTURED MOVES 3-D texture-mapped polygon players capture every detail
ROOKIES AND SUPERSTARS ON NEW TEAMS – The game where you can take SHAQ to the rack





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NBA Live 97’s development team threw their whole squad into the game. It’s pretty fun!

Programmer Cheats
  • Cheat Menu
    At the game setup menu, press L1, X(2), L1, X, Square, R1, X, Square, R1, Circle. Ignore the credits screen that may appear at this time. Hold Up-Right + Triangle + Square for five seconds. Then, press Start to load the game. Hold L1+R1+Up/Right+Triangle+Circle+Cross+Square until the cheat menu appears.
    • L1 and L2 adjust the player’s height (after a certain point they can no longer dunk).
    • Up and Down toggles Chameleon Mode, where your player will become garbled.
    • Start and Select will toggle the outdoor court. Note that each player is tied to a controller port. If you want to change all 8 players, you will need a multi-tap to reach players 3 through 8. Once settled, press Triangle + Cross to start the game.
  • View Credits
    Press Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle at the main menu. A really fun credits screen will appear with the dev team in jerseys and goofy stats
  • Michael Jordan On the Chicago Bulls Team
    Make sure Player No. 24 is in the line-up for Jordan to appear.

Development Team Roster Additions

Go to the “Create A Player” menu and enter one of the following names exactly as listed, pressing Start on the last letter of the first and last name. If successful, you will have an alert pop-up asking if you would like to confirm using the development team member. You can activate them as a Free Agent and not use up any of the Free Agent Slots. If you press Start and the name is spelled wrong, you will need to exit and start fresh.

For posterity, I’ve listed what they did in parentheses – as it’s shown in the game. No need to add that to the names.

  • Aaron Grant (Quality Assurance Analyst)
  • Adam MacKay-Smith (Video Compressor)
  • Al Murdoch (Arena Announcer)
  • Allan Johanson (Sr. Programmer)
  • Amory Wong (Lead Programmer)
  • Brent Nielsen (Quality Assurance Lead)
  • Brian Krause (Programmer)
  • Brian Wideen (Super DD)
  • Casey O’Brien (Artist)
  • Cindy Green (Artist)
  • Crispin Hands (Speech Boy)
  • Dan Scott (Programmer)
  • Daniel Ng (Programmer)
  • Daryl Anselmo (3D Art)
  • Dave Warfield (Associate Producer)
  • David Bollo (Software Engineer)
  • David Laviolette (Video and Special FX Artist)
  • Dom Humphrey (Programmer)
  • Ed Fletcher (Producer)
  • Ernie Johnson (Network Announcer)
  • Giovanni Sasso (Artist)
  • Greg Allen (Artist)
  • Ivan Allan (Development Director)
  • Jeff Mair (Sound Support)
  • Kim Gill (Portrait Boy)
  • Marcus Lindblom (Associate Producers)
  • Mark Soderwall (Artist)
  • Michael Klassen (Asst. Producer)
  • Mike Vanaselja (Artist)
  • Novell Thomas (Motion Capture Talent)
  • Renata Antonic (Prod. Assistant)
  • Robert White (Programmer)
  • Sam Nelson (Executive Producer)
  • Sean O’Brien (Motion Capture Talent)
  • Sebastiaan Reinarz (Lead Artist)
  • Sheila Allan (Lead Artist)
  • Stanley Chow (Producer)
  • Steve Royea (Music Producer/Engineer)
  • Tarrnie Williams (Associate Producer)
  • Traz Damji (Music Composer)
  • Zoe Quinn (Admin. Asst.)


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