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One-on-One Fighting
February 23, 1999
0 13388 21043 5
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1 to 2 Players
1 Block
Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

The Stuff Legends Are Made Of

Now you can choose your favorite heroes from the worlds of Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes to face off in a head-to-head battle for supremacy. And for the first time, team up any two characters in the brand new cross-over mode and experience an explosive tag-team challenge.

Dive into the action to perform outrageous, moves and link together amazing Chain Combos…delight in their devastating results. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter combines two incredible universe to create an entirely new legend of heroic proportions.

  • Straight from the #1 arcade blockbuster!
  • Play tag-team battles in “Cross Over Mode” – a round-robin tournament battling a mirror image of your team!
  • Fight as your favorite characters from Marvel’s pantheon of Super Heroes or Capcom’s notorious warriors, 17 characters in all!
  • New “Hero Battle” – Control a team of Marvel Super Heroes or Street Fighters against CPU a controlled team!





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GameRaveTV covered the entire Fighters Edge program.




  • The Japanese version contains several unlockable options that do not appear to be in the US version, including additional Speed stars.
  • The Japanese version of the game allowed you to fight against the hidden characters in a similar way that Marvel Vs. Capcom does.
  • No Marvel female characters are present in the game.
  • The Japanese arcade and home console versions include an extra character not from Marvel or Capcom named Norimaro. He’s essentially a small, stereotype exaggerated version of a ‘Japanese Nerd. He was created by Japanese comedian Noritake Kinashi.
  • Several of the hidden Marvel characters borrow their names and color schemes from other Marvel characters. Oddly enough, U.S. Agent is un-ironically almost really is just a palette swap of Captain America in the comics.
  • Japan’s version is part of the EX Series – a designation given to several Capcom arcade games that got significant changes in order to fit in the PlayStation’s limited memory.




Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter has a few secrets up its sleeve. And unlike Marvel Vs. Capcom, the characters are far easier to play as.

  • Ex Option Menu
    At the title screen highlight Option and quickly press R1, Circle, Left, Triangle, Triangle. This will bring up the EX Option Menu and provide the following options:
    – Have the CPU controller Player 2 in versus
    – Set The Hyper Combo Gauge to Normal or Full at Round Start
    – Change the speed at which the life bar regeneratesA joke here is that the button press is essentially Akuma’s ‘Demon Rage’ controller input, but from Player 2’s side and the Light attacks replaced with Mediums.
  • Attack Your Opponent After Winning
    As the game announces you have won the round, press the Select Button. You’ll regain control of your character and can gleefully kick your opponent while they’re down.
  • Play as Armored Spider Man
    Highlight Spider Man, hold Select and press any attack button.
  • Play as Evil Sakura
    Highlight Hulk, hold Select and press any attack button.
  • Play as Shadow (Charlie)
    Highlight Dhalsim, hold Select and press any attack button
  • Play as Mech-Zangief
    At the Character Select Screen highlight Blackheart, hold Select and press any attack button.
    Note: He can not block!
  • Play as Mephisto
    At the character select screen highlight Omega Red, hold Select and press any attack button.
  • Play as U.S. Agent
    Highlight M. Bison, hold Select and press any attack button.
  • Play as Cyber-akuma
    Beat the game with any character without continuing on any difficulty. Once back at the character selection screen highlight Akuma press the Select button 5 times then press any button.
  • Play as Apocalypse
    To play as Apocalypse, you must first beat the game without continuing on any Difficulty level. After doing that go to Battle, Versus, or Training. Highlight Akuma and press the Select button 6 times and press any button.
    Note that you will always fight on his stage. In single player mode, he will always greet the opponent as if they were a single player reaching him in arcade mode.
  • Fight Your Partner
    After beating Cyber-Akuma, the second character you selected will show up and do a win pose with you.
    You can press Select to get out of your win pose and attack your partner.
  • Dan Flops Out
    Hold Weak Punch after selecting Dan as your first character and all the way through till the round loads. Instead of rolling into view, Dan will be thrown into the stage and land with an explosion.
  • Swap Your Starter
    On the Versus mode screen hold all three Punch buttons (or just the Punch x 3 button) at the Versus screen until the round loads.
  • Play As Two Spider-Man Characters (Glitch?)
    Start a new game and choose any character for the first slot followed by Spiderman as the second. Intentionally lose and continue the game. Choose Armored Spiderman (Highlight Spider Man, hold Select and press any attack button) as your first character – the cursor should now be on Spiderman again. Do not move the cursor and press any button to pick him. Web Twins!


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