Killing Zone

PSX PlayStation Killing Zone

Jewel Case Release


Genre: One-on-One Fighting CDs: 1
Publisher: Acclaim Released: August 31, 1996
Developer: Scarab UPC: 0 21481 21081 8
Sony ID: SLUS-00369 PSRM: 004830
Players: 1 to 2 Players Memory: None
Accessories: None
ESRB: Teen Animated Violence, Animated Blood
Box Copy:

Go head-to-ugly-head in a blood-drenched, 3-D slug-fest! Seven gore-hungry monsters go all out in Killing Zone’s eye-popping arenas! The more they kill, the stronger and meaner they get and the more bone crunching super-moves they can pull off! Set your mongrels free in an automated Death Tournament and watch as they evolve into purebred killing machines! Killer graphics! Killer monsters! Killer 3-D combat!

  • 32 bit polygonal slug-fest with buckets of gore
  • Got something stuck in your throat?
  • Monsters know no mercy!
  • The undead strut their stuff in eyepopping 3-D environments.



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  • Killing Zone is actually the PlayStation sequel to the Sega Saturn game Battle Monsters.

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