Wipeout 3 Demo CD

PlayStation Wipeout 3 Demo CD

Cardboard Sleeve Release


Genre: Racing CDs: 1
Publisher: Psygnosis Released: Pre-September 1999
Developer: Psygnosis UPC: None
Sony ID: SLUS-90063 PSRM: 015410
Players: 1 Player Memory: None
Accessories: Analog, Vibration
ESRB: Everyone – Animated Violence
Box Copy:

  • 8 Visually Stunning New Circuits Featuring the Mega Mall Spiral Loop
  • Multi-player: Choose Between Vertical + Horizontal Split Screen Racing
  • Hi Resolution Graphics Throughout Deliver Brighter, Sharper Tracks & Detailed Geo-City Landscapes
  • 8 Unique Teams and Craft Offer a Wide Variety of Speed, Maneuverability & Aggression
  • Improved Handling and Dynamics For Players of All Skill Levels
  • 5 Game Modes Including Arcade, Challenge, Tournament, Eliminator & Time Trial
  • 11 Deadly Offensive and Defensive Weapons To Wipeout the Competition
  • Soundtrack Featuring the Chemical Brothers, Orbital, Underworld, Propellerheads, Paul Van Dyk And New Mixes by World-Renowned DJ Sasha



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This contains a demo for Wipeout 3, the third game in the franchise for the PlayStation. While the original saw release on the Saturn, XL and are PSX exclusive, with a odd remixed version being released for the Nintendo 64.

The demo allows for an infinite practice lap around the single stage of the game, and once you’re content, you may then race the same track against other competitors. There is no title screen in the demo; just opening cinema, and then right to the race. Interestingly, the included track is very brutal, demanding many hairpin turns, somewhat foreshadowing the difficulty of the final release.





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  • Speaking of fonts, the back of the demo sleeve actually shows the font information: F-500 (Ang-ular)
  • One of the few American releases, demo, full retail or otherwise, that displays the Japanese Dual Shock logo.
  • The first time the cover displayed a graphic design rather than CG artwork. They went back to CG with the PS2 and PSP release.
  • The actual opening CG and loading screen oddly display the words that describe them.
  • No music is present in the demo’s actual track / play area.

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