You Don’t Know Jack Demo CD

PlayStation You Don't Know Jack Demo CD

Cardboard Sleeve Release


Genre: Trivia CDs: 1
Publisher: Sierra Interactive Released: Pre-September, 1999
Developer: Starsphere Interactive / Jellyvision UPC: None
Sony ID: SLUS-90061 PSRM: 014890
Players: 1 Player Memory: None
Accessories: Vibration
ESRB: Teen – No Descriptors 
Box Copy:

Turn your PlayStation game console into a party!

You Don’t Know Jack is the quiz show party game where high culture and pop-culture collide. Get the question right ans core some cash; get it wrong and pay the price.

  • 1,2, or 3 players duke it out with Multi-Tap for the PlayStation game console or shared controllers.
  • Get Dual Shock analog controller (vibration mode only) for maximum enjoyment.
  • Full game contains over 1400 hilarious questions on 2 CDs. That’s over 35 hours of non-repetitive verbal abuse!



  • There are no known variants.




  • There are no known misprints.



This contains a demo for You Don’t Know Jack.





  • There are currently no videos for this game.



  • Paul Reubens of Pee-Wee Herman fame hosted an ill-fated live TV show version of the game. The show only lasted 6 episodes.

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