Wild Arms 2 Demo Disc

PlayStation Wild Arms 2 Demo Disc

Cardboard Sleeve Release – Plain Retail Release


Role Playing Game
Pre-May 2000
Media Vision, Contrail
Sony ID:
1 Player
Analog, Vibration
Everyone / Rating Pending
Box Copy:

It’s about one world hanging in the balance. Where one hero must sacrifice his heart for peace. Where courage and fear, love and malice, heroes and villains go hand in hand.

  • Select from three different characters to begin the journey – all with their own unique quest.
  • The world appears in stunning 3D graphics, including towns, dungeons, and maps.
  • Intelligent, clever puzzles
  • Manual camera control for the best views

Refined battle system delivers more strategy and challenge:

  • Each character has special abilities and acquires his or her abilities differently.
  • Evade battles with enemies that are less powerful than you
  • Attack specific body parts of boss enemies

What legends are made of.





The first variant is just the standard retail release shown above, but with an Electronics Boutique $5 off coupon gently glued to the sleeve with four dabs of now-dried-for-20-plus-years glue. The coupon was underneath the shrinkwrap and shown below.

PlayStation Wild Arms 2 Electronics Boutique Coupon

Electronics Boutique Coupon Version

The coupon free of its shrinkwrapped prison. Note the long-dried glue spots.

The second version is from the PlayStation Underground and shipped to subscribers. It’s a tri-fold cardboard sleeve with a nifty gimmick to it.

PlayStation Wild Arms 2 Demo Disc

Tri-fold PlayStation Underground Edition

On the extremely thin spine, there is a Quest and Riddle:
Find five HIDDEN Letters to Spell a Secret Word. Hint: Oliver (the enemy boss in Lilka’s opening quest) is weak against her ________ attack.

The gimmick comes in the packaging’s use of clear gloss patterns. If you look at the featured sections below in direct lamp light and tilt the case, you’ll see the glossy messages reflected. The 5 sentences read:

  • F – The Future of Filgaia
  • l – Only on PlayStation
  • a – Ricochet the “Hurl Knife” to activate hard to reach switches
  • m – Equip guardians immediately.  Ultimate Control
  • e – Condition Green nullifies abnormal status.

Since I already ordered them for you, it spells out the answer  that “Flame” is Oliver’s weakness.

PlayStation Wild Arms 2 Demo Disc

Hidden Question and Clue Locations


  • There are no known misprints.




This contains a demo for Wild Arms 2.

A rather impressively long demo based off of the three main characters. As you progress through each story, you’ll earn character specific abilities, like Ashley’s knife toss or Brad’s kick.

The game map is divided into ‘dungeon’ like areas, such as ruins or forests, and then the main world map. Once you get the map, you’ll be able to reach towns and the like. What’s nifty is a search sonar allows you to scan the area and find small trinkets and treasures. Even more interesting is that towns you have not been to will not show up unless you discover them with the sonar.

Added to this is a rather amusing inclusion of anime inspired in-jokes. When Brad first uses his Kick Ability, and tackles his first boss, there are several ‘three-peat’ sequences showing the shot from three different angles.




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  • The demo allows each of the three characters to be played in a minor scenario. Start to finish, with an average amount of battles, has the disc running at about 2 to 3 hours of play time!
  • Brad’s dog’s name is Rassyu. If you play with it phonetically, it’s a slurred version of ‘rescue’, which is precisely what the pet does, twice in the demo alone!


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