Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy Demo CD


PlayStation Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy Demo CD

Cardboard Sleeve Release


Genre: Skateboarding CDs: 1
Publisher: Rockstar Games Released: Pre-November 1999
Developer: Z-axis UPC: None
Sony ID: SLUS-90067 PSRM: 015510
Players: 1 Player Memory: None
Accessories: Analog, Vibration
ESRB: Everyone
Box Copy:

  • 5 competitive multi-player games and tournament modes
  • Best hip-hop soundtrack ever featuring Public Enemy, Run DMC, EPMD, Stetsasonic, the Sugar Hill Gang, & More.
  • 12 Levels & secret levels of completely open and interactive environments.
  • Master the streets & skate parks with over 100 tricks at your feet.



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This contains a demo for Thrasher Presents Skate and Destroy. Players will have access to just one character, Kahli. Once selected only the Los Angeles Courthouse level will be available. As you try tryout tricks and the like, you will eventually be chased by the cops. You can replay the level or exit back to the main screen.




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  • The demo was rated E for Everyone, but the eventual final release was rated T for Teen.
  • On the PlayStation 3, if you choose to end the game, it will hang on the level screen. You will need to reset the system.

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