Magic Carpet

Plastic Ridged Long Box Release

Genre: Action CDs: 1
Publisher: Electronic Arts Released: March 28, 1996
Developer: Bullfrog UPC: 0 14633 07628 8
Sony ID: SLUS-00029 PSRM: 000390
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: None
ESRB: Kids to Adults Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Award winning action hits the PlayStation game console!

Fly over marvelous worlds on a magic carpet in your quest to rule Arabia. Battle mythical beasts and evil wizards with an arsenal of powerful spells. Strike your foes with lightning speed as you transform the realms you conquer. Find out what it takes to rid the world of evil!

  • Experience Bullfrog’s fantastic 3-D flight engine – bringing you incredibly smooth graphics and fast gameplay
  • Breathtakingly realistic, fractal landscapes with Gouraud shading and texture mapping
  • Amazing magical spells, with real-time terrain morphing – watch as volcanoes rise and the ground quakes
  • 70 hazardous missions to complete and a ton of creatures to battle against





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