Sep. 29 New Releases: Tony Hawk and More

So many games coming out…so…many….

Today’s newest releases begin with Demolition Racer – the game everyone is calling the spiritual successor to the Destruction Derby series.

PlayStation Demolition Racer

Jewel Case Release

Trailing behind that is another modern day remake from the Atari 2600 with Activision’s take on Space Invaders. All new 3D graphics and power-ups bring added depth to the arcade classic.

PlayStation Space Invaders

Jewel Case Release

Role Playing Game fans will be delighted to pick up Suikoden II – the sequel to one of the most charming and original RPGs to hit a game system. This time you play as the folks on the other side of the war, and if you have your memory card save from part 1, can unlock extra moments in the game.

PlayStation Suikoden II

Jewel Case Release

And finally, for the skateboarding folk – your time has come. A game so good even the non-sports gamers like myself can get into it is Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. Take on Tony and other professional skaters as you dominate the levels and complete side missions. Pro Skater features a ridiculous amount of polish, and could do for skateboarding fans what Street Fighter II did for fighting fans. Don’t miss out on this one, I see it going places.

PlayStation Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Jewel Case Release

There are more games coming out in the next month then the entire first 3 months of the year. Brace your wallets, plan your days off, and be ready to keep your PlayStation running 24-7. See you tomorrow!

This article is part of the Living History Project Celebration, which is living the PlayStation’s library release schedule in real time. Started during the 20th Anniversary on 9-9-2015, the project will last all the way till 2024! Follow us on Twitter for all the updates and additions!

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