Sep. 30 New Releases: Too…many…games…

Well, this is folks – the waves are coming in and they’re 1,000 games tall. The Christmas rush and the need to clear the table for PlayStation 2 development is officially in full swing. No less than SEVEN games came out today, and if the release gods are just as psycho a month from now, Halloween 1999 might produce more than FIFTEEN games in a single day for the PlayStation.

Let’s start cranking through them.

First out of the shipping box is Juggernaut, a point-and-click adventure from Jaleco that takes you inside the soul of a possessed woman. I already played through this one, so you can check out the full written review and GameRaveTV edition on the game’s page. It’s worth a look.

PlayStation Juggernaut

Double Jewel Case Release

Next up for those looking for things even more fishy is Bass Rise. Fishing games seem to have found a home on the PlayStation, so why stop now?

PlayStation Bass Rise

Jewel Case Release

Jumping to the greener pastures of the fairways, CyberTiger is Electronic Art’s newest use of their poster boy Tiger Woods. It’s more comical and arcade like golf, and you can play as kid Tiger because why the heck not, right?

PlayStation CyberTiger

Jewel Case Release

Once you’ve plowed through the back nine, ANOTHER excellent RPG hits home with Grandia. Created by the same folks who did Silpheed and presented by Sony themselves, we truly are in the golden era of Japanese role playing games.

PlayStation Grandia

Double Jewel Case Release

Extreme sports peeps can take hold of MTV Sports Snowboarding, but I’m not sure you can trust a game who advertises the music included more than any actual game play features.

PlaySTation MTV Sports: Snowboarding

Jewel Case Release

Since we’re all just running around in circles during the holidays, why not take a spin on the roulette wheel in Vegas Games 2000. The 3DO Company continues creating games for other platforms after the actual 3DO hardware failed. Can you imagine if that ever happened to the big 3? I can’t fathom playing Sonic on a PlayStation.

PlaySTation Vegas Games 2000

Double Jewel Case Release

And…finally…the truth is out there. The X-Files comes to PlayStation, with a point-and-click FMV adventure that takes brains as well as controller clicks. A neat touch is the branching paths, determined by how you interact and treat other characters.

PLayStation X-Files

Double Jewel Case

See you soon!

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