Destruction Derby

Flat Cardboard Long Box Release

Genre: Racing CDs: 1
Publisher: Psygnosis Released: November 16, 1995
Developer: Reflections UPC: 7 11719 43022 3
Sony ID: SCUS-94302 PSRM: 000840
Players: 1 to 2 Players Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: Link Cable
ESRB: Kids to Adult No Descriptors
Box Copy:

This ain’t no dragstrip! It’s the place where cars come to die.

You’re on a mission to bash, smash and crash into the other guy until his auto (or yours) gives up the ghost. You’ve got the roll bars, crumple zones and hardened fenders.  You’ll need them.

Play against the fiendish computer opponents, or an even meaner group of other gamers via the PlayStation Combat Cable. The array of tracks and race styles will keep you coming back for more!

  • The GAME – to drive your opponents into the ground
  • The FEATURES – ultra realistic 3D wrecks, dents and crashes
  • The DRIVERS – multiplayer humans
  • The CRUNCHERS – intelligent personality computer characters
  • The POINTS – score big with spectacular spills and thrills
  • The CROWD – rough and ready, they’re mean
  • All’s fair in love, war… and Destruction Derby!



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