Ape Escape

PSX Ape Escape

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Genre: Action CDs: 1
Publisher: Sony Released: June 22, 1999
Developer: Sony UPC: 7 11719 44232 5
Sony ID: SCUS-94423 PSRM: 013000
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: Analog, Vibration
ESRB: Everyone Mild Animated Violence
Box Copy:

You Better Get Them Before They Get You!

A boisterous band of baboons carry out a daring zoo escape. It’s ape anarchy and it’s up to YOU to stop the chimps before they make chumps out of the human race!
  • The first and only game that takes full advantage of the DUAL SHOCK analog controller!
  • Use both analog sticks – rotate’em, sling’em black and push’em down for unequaled and revolutionary controller action!
  • Hunt down over 200 unruly apes.
  • Operate great gadgets! A Tank, a Remote Control car, a Stun Club and Time Net, a SkyFlyer, a Slingshot, a Monkey Radar and more!
  • Bonus rounds, mind-twisting mini games and clock racing time attacks for unbelievable fun.

“…we give this game our highest recommendation!” -PSM



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  • The only game that requires the Dual Shock controller.


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