PSX PlayStation NASCAR Rumble Black Label Retail Release

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Electronic Arts
February 29, 2000
EA Redwood Shores
0 14633 14045 3
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1 to 2 Players
1 Block
Analog, Vibration
Everyone No Descriptors
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NASCAR Power + Arcade Action = Rumble


  • Extreme NASCAR Racing – NASCAR cars and stars with hotrod mods plus big air, amazing crashes, and incredible speed.
  • 6 Racing Locales – 18 wide open tracks from Daytona Beach to the Gold Country plus hidden courses and shortcuts
  • Multiple Power-ups – Nitro, Storm, Cloud, Freeze, Twisted, Sonic Boom, and more
  • Cars and Trucks – Over 30 NASCAR Cup Drivers plus NASCAR Truck Drivers, 7 NASCAR Legends, and Hidden Vehicles.
  • 5 Game Modes – Team Mode, Locale Championships, Legend Championships, 1-on-1 Showdown, and Time Trial
  • Great Graphics – Rich environments, rendered cars, and highlight replays
  • Head-to-Head Competition – Race with or against a friend





Released in a Collector’s Edition 3-Pack, along with Need For Speed III and Sled Storm.

PlayStation NASCAR Rumble

Collector’s Edition Release – Included in the EA Racing 3 Pack




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  • There are various billboards for EA’s other games like NCAA Football, NCAA March Madness, NBA Live 2002, and L.A.P.D. Future Cop.
  • While not in level, in one of the stage title screens you can spot a billboard for EA’s 007 Tomorrow Never Dies on the left middle side. It’s subtle, but you’ll see it.
  • Speaking of the stage title screens, pay attention! Some of them actually show cars next to the Golden Wrench locations. One of which being a car parked next to the gas station’s garage. See the Secrets Tab for more info.
  • There are other billboards that feature photos of real people; these appear to be some of the programmers.
  • When driving the Chicken Truck, if you get hit or slammed into, chicken feathers fly out of the truck.
  • NASCAR Rumble features both a Memory Card and a Password function, but the Password function only tracks the unlockable items, not your recorded times or time trials. The memory card saves everything.
  • EA Redwood did a fantastic job in programming the Artificial Intelligence of the computer drivers. They get into the same problems you do, and actively attack each other as needed.
  • Although extremely rare, it actually is possible to lap the last most race car.
  • Don’t be too quick to skip the race results after you cross the finish line. The game might get ‘stuck’ and take an extra moment to load as it’s tracking the times. I once skipped so fast, when it announced my next Legends racer, it showed my car, and not theirs!
  • An amazing amount of objects can be interacted with in the game. Construction cones and horses, boulders, electronic road signs, ticket booths, crates, even homes can be plowed through to gain access to shortcuts.




On top of a TON of extras and bonus tracks, NASCAR Rumble has a fun way to unlock some of the cars, requiring you to actually explore the levels.


These are the items you can earn by progressing through the game. Note that if you see ‘Vehicle Preview’, it means you’ll be able to see the cars you can eventually unlock, including the Golden Wrench Bonus vehicles. Bonus tracks are available outside of the Championship.

  • Unlock Bonus Velodrome Track
    Gain Gold on Gold Rush (Rookie Difficulty)
  • Unlock Bonus Road to Ruin Track
    Gain Gold on Southern Exposure (Rookie Difficulty)
  • Unlock Bonus Circus Minimus Track
    Gain Gold on Badlands (Rookie Difficulty)
  • Unlock Pro Racing Class, EA Cup, Bonus Vehicles, and Vehicle Previews
    Earn a Gold Medal on all Rookie Class Tracks before the Wild Card event.
  • Unlock Elite Racing Class, EA Pro Cup, Bonus Vehicles, and Vehicle Previews
    Earn a Gold Medal on all Pro Class Tracks before the Wild Card event.
  • Unlock EA Elite Cup, Grand Champion Video
    Earn a Gold Medal on all Elite Class Tracks before the Wild Card Event. The Grand Champion video is accessible in the video vault.
  • Unlock the EA Car
    Earn a Gold in the EA Cup.
  • Unlock Racing Against and Playing As NASCAR Legends
    For every Gold you earn in a racing event, you will unlock the option to race against that event’s Legendary racer. Switch the race mode to Legend, then choose the track. If you place gold against them, they’ll be usable. You will need to do this across all three difficulties for each Legend.


The Golden Wrenches

These require you to ignore the race and go exploring. You do not need to finish the race – once the wrench is collected and the visual completely removed from the track, you can just quit the race and go back to the main menu. Make sure to save!

  • Unlock The Loader: Golden Wrench 1 (Rookie Difficulty)
    On the Golden Rule track, take the first fork the goes left. After landing from the ‘Dip’ jump into the split highway, turn around and drive to the jump’s base. At the bottom of the cliff is a crevice with the wrench is located.
  • Unlock The Tow Truck: Golden Wrench 2 (Rookie Difficulty)
    The Tow Truck’s wrench is found in the Ship Shape track. Near the end of the track, past the tunnel, you will be on a track with another road running directly next to you. At first chance turn around onto the other road and go back to end of it. The wrench is waiting there.
  • Unlock the Chicken Truck: Golden Wrench 3 (Rookie Difficulty)
    The Chicken Truck is located in the Fowl Play track. Near the end of the track, there is a shortcut through a chicken coop. Halfway through the coop, turn hard right into the chicken crates. It will break and the wrench is behind it. The Chicken truck is fun to use – if you get bumped, chicken feathers fly out of the top!
  • Unlock the Hot Rod: Golden Wrench 4 (Pro Difficulty)
    Hot Rod (not the Transformer!) is located on the Night Flight track. Follow the curving route but stop before entering the 3rd tunnel.  If you look left, you’ll see a giant orange container blocking an alley. Crash through the crate and at the end of the alley is the wrench.
  • Unlock the Road Captain: Golden Wrench 5 (Pro Difficulty)
    Road Captain is found on the Hog Hollow track. Near the end of the track, after the shortcut between the pig fences, there is a gas station on the left side of the road with a garage. Crash into the golden garage door to find the wrench.
  • Unlock the Sprint Car: Golden Wrench 6 (Rookie Difficulty)
    Sprint Car is obtained on the Dog Tired track. After the three sharp turns there will be a dirt track short cut on the left. If you keep leaping to the shortcut, the last part will send you off a ramp into a dark park. The first time you land, you’ll see the little rabbit on the white fence racing in front of you and turn left on the fence track. Follow it around back and you’ll find the wrench hiding in the corner of the building.
  • Unlock the RV: Golden Wrench 7 (Rookie Difficulty)
    The RV is Located in the Rip Tide track, and is the easiest of them all. Go around the first corner, then turn around and head for the large tent. Follow the tent to the right and the wrench in near the fence.
  • Unlock the Jet Car: Golden Wrench 8 (Pro Difficulty)
    The Jet Car can be obtained on the Stoney Creek track. On the last turn of the track, aim left off the jump and land on the ledge. Now slowly turn around – or carefully reverse with your rearview mirror active, and the wrench is hiding against the back wall of the cliff.
  • Unlock the Golf Cart Golden Wrench 9 (Pro Difficulty)
    Golf Cart is located on the Big Easy track. Toward the middle of the track there is a shortcut on the right that leads up a driveway to a house. If you crash into the house and hang a right, then plow into the bookshelf. The wrench is hiding in the alcove behind it.


Power-Ups and their escapes

Once of NASCAR Rumble’s greatest features is how much balancing went into the power-ups. Every single one has a way out, or at least a workaround to its infliction. Use these techniques if you’re attacked with them:

  • Tornado
    Ignore the visual warning – wait until you hear the tornado and let go of gas but don’t brake. You should be picked up and practically spun a full 360°, bouncing a few times. Don’t hit the gas until your sure your tires are parallel to the ground and you’ll be unaffected by it. Additionally, if while in a tornado you see more incoming change up your timing to land backwards. Tornados do not pick you up if you’re driving backwards (but moving ‘forward’ down the track) because of how slow you’re going. Once danger has passed, simply spin left or right and turn yourself around.
  • Storm
    This is probably one of the most deceptively easy power-ups to negate. It will randomly slide your car as if you were hydroplaning on water. Shift your driving style to as if you were power-sliding and it’s a non-issue.
  • Freeze
    The worst of all of them, but not without options. If you’re about to be hit with Freeze, do one of the following: if on a straightaway, center yourself or line up against the ‘wall’ of the track to guide your car. If in a curved area, line up on the outside wall and the current curve will send you into the next curve. This power-up only locks your steering, so if you do get stuck perpendicular to the wall, just back up so you’re rear fender is touching the other wall. Once it’s over, you have a clear shot back to track.
  • Oil Slick
    You lose traction – treat it like power-sliding and you’re okay. Just be sure to brake heavy on the tight corners.
  • Bad Fuel
    This one just makes you go slower for a moment. Have to tough it out – if you use your rearview mirror, it’s possible to move in front of an oncoming rival and have then bump you ahead, making up for the speed loss.
  • Hammer
    If you see the orange-red glow on a rival car, just stay away from them, or use Shockwave to send them reeling. If they’re behind you, drop the Bad Fuel or Oil Slick if you have it.
  • Shockwave
    Not much with this one, if you’re hit, just remain calm. As a tip, computer controlled cars usually use their power-ups almost instantly or just after the pick-up, so watch out for it.
  • Golden Shield
    Besides making you impervious for a few seconds, the Shield is retro-active! If you acquire it while already inflicted by Oil Slick, Freeze, Bad Fuel, Storm, or any combination there of just activate Shield. You’ll be free of your ailments!


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