Bubsy 3D

Jewel Case Release – With Map “Gold Review” Edition

Genre: Platformer CDs: 1
Publisher: Accolade Released: November 26, 1996
Developer: Eidetic UPC: 0 15605 75023 6
Sony ID: SLUS-00110 PSRM: 001360
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: None
ESRB: Kids to Adults Animated Violence
Box Copy:

  • Run, jump, swim, and fly anywhere in huge 3D worlds full of zany humor and the Bubsy ‘tude!
  • Scrounge-up the 32 missing pieces of your escape rocket or kiss your homeworld goodbye!
  • Shoot atoms and bop Woolies, Clambos, and 12 other wacky creatures as you rip into planet Rayon!
  • Get your paws on a mess of atoms for extra lives bonus rounds and useful rocket fuel!
  • Play “cat and mouse” in a unique 2-Player mode!

“…under-water-based levels reminscent of Mario 64.” – PSExtreme

“Massive environment, go anywhere gameplay and amazing depth give Bubsy an entirely new perspective.” – DieHard GameFan

“…establishing a new standard in the platform genre.”  Next Generation





Plain Version – It has been confirmed that this version does NOT have the poster with it.




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  • One of the most hated games in the PlayStation’s history, but truthfully isn’t that bad when compared to other failures.
  • The game’s original full title was Bubsy Is 3D in Furbitten Planet. This can still be seen on the title screen.
  • PSExtreme Magazine, whose comments were plastered all over the front of the game, were a real magazine and web-site. Their distribution however was so small that many people had not heard of them and believed the quotes and score to be fabricated. The Next Generation and DieHard comments came from Previews of the game.



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