Broken Helix

Jewel Case Release – 1 Ring Hub

Genre: Action RPG CDs: 1
Publisher: Konami Released: May 29, 1997
Developer: Konami UPC: 0 83717 17015 0
Sony ID: SLUS-00289 PSRM: 003640
Players: 1 Player Memory: 2 Blocks
Accessories: None
ESRB: Mature Animated Violence, Animated Blood
Box Copy:

Broken Helix: Enter the dark, mysterious 4D world of action and adventure

  • Bruce Campbell is the voice of the main character Jake Burton, explosives expert
  • Talk to characters and choose your attitude with over 95 minutes of interactive voice dialog
  • Explore over 1,600,000 virtual square feet in an interactive 4D world
  • Go where you want when you want with non-linear story themes
  • Become the leader of a marine platoon, join the scientists in struggle of good vs. evil, become an alien warrior, or follow mission objectives
  • 56 movies and 40 minutes of interactive music enhance the in-depth story line





Variant – 2 Ring Hub




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