Rescue Copter

PlayStation PSX Rescue Copter

Jewel Case Release – See Variant Tab


Aerial Action
Conspiracy Entertainment
January 17, 2003
Aqua System Co., Ltd.
8 15315 00036 8
Sony ID:
1 Player
1 Block
Analog, Vibration
Everyone No Descriptors
Box Copy:

Will You Be a Hero Today?

  • Rescue – Perform daring, nail biting, edge-of-your-seat, rescues!
  • Border Patrol – Get to places that road and sea rescue vehicles can’t.
  • Fire Fighting – Fight raging fires, save homes, lives and property!
  • Test your control skills while delivering precious cargo!

15 different thrill missions • 4 Hi-Tech Helicopters to Pilot • 3 Distinct Camera angles • Fly your copter through rain & snow




The original release of Rescue Copter posted at the top of the page is from Conspiracy Games. The disc for this version seems to have had an issue where some copies have a super rich black overlay on the logo text. However, other copies look fine. In researching copies of the game on eBay, it’s unclear if this was just a misprint (ink color shift), an easing up of the ink levels by natural printing progression, or there was a 2nd printing that corrected it. Nothing else on the disc off-color – just the logo.

I unintentionally have a copy of both, but haven’t decided how to classify it. Mortal Kombat Trilogy suffered a hilarious ink color shift in it’s discs, causing an ungodly amount of color shifted copies. This appears to be in the same vein, but microscopic in it’s reach. For now, I’ll leave it as-is on site. Might have just been a fluke.

Crave Entertainment picked up the printing duties for a second run of both this and Marble Master. Of curiosity is the disc – I have yet to see a copy with Crave’s name in it. It makes me wonder if this is tied to the above issue with Conspiracy’s release. Perhaps they printed far too many discs to replace the color-affected discs. History may never know.

The red of this disc is also closer to the original version than pictured, but not an exact match.

PlayStation PSX Rescue Copter Crave Entertainment No Hub Black Label Retail Release

Variant Release from Crave Games



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