Andretti Racing

PSX PlayStation Andretti Racing Jewel Case Release

Jewel Case Release


EA Sports
September 17, 1996
Stormfront Studios
0 14633 07439 0
Sony ID:
1 to 4 Players
1 Block
Link Cable, Analog Joystick
Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:

“Andretti Racing is the MOST REALISTIC AND EXCITING racing game on the PlayStation!”  -PSExtreme magazine

  • Split screen action: Split the Screen and Go at it head-to-head
  • Indy Car Circuit: Rocket Through the pack in an Indy Car
  • Stock Car Series: Tradin’ paint in a bruising stock car


  • 2 types of racing – Indy car and Stock car.
  • 2 player head-to-head with split screen and 4 players with link.
  • 16 challenging tracks.
  • 3 driving perspectives & picture-in-picture rear view mirrors.
  • Authentic pit stops and car adjustments.
  • CAREER mode lets you race season after season against real drivers on the Indy car circuit and Stock car series.
  • Exclusive interactive video featuring Mario, Michael, and Jeff ANDRETTI.
  • EA SPORTS television style presentation with Fox Sports’ James Brown and racing authorities Derek Daly and Bob Jenkins.







EA updated the sponsors on the car in a 2nd print run. Note that this change apparently only affected the manual – the disc and back insert appear the same.

PSX PlayStation Andretti Racing - Blue Car Variant

Blue Variant

Also released in a 1-Ring Hub variant. Note the colors are the same between these two, just issues between two scanners a decade apart.

PSX PlayStation Andretti Racing Blue Car 1 Ring Hub Variant Release

1-Ring Blue Car Variant Release

Also released to the Greatest Hits.

PSX PlayStation Andretti Racing - Greatest Hits Release

Greatest Hits Release




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  • One of the earliest known cover changes to make sure it was as accurate as possible. EA updated the sponsors on the car, and even mention / thank them in the Copyright text on the back of the game case.
  • The Greatest Hits release came after the ESRB re-wrote their descriptors. Hence the E for Everyone on it.





Andretti Racing has some pretty cool cheats to unlock, giving you almost unlimited accessibility and control over the game.

  • Unlock Bonus Stock Cars
    Start a new race and select ‘Begin Career’. At the Register Screen, enter “Go Bears!”. The screen will go dark for a second, and then you’ll be in the Team / Circuit Selection. You’ll now have access to:

    • Gibson-Linwood
    • NACA-Lau
    • Eiger
    • Mitchell Sports
    • Geller
    • McCray-Setec.
  • Unlock Bonus Formula One Cars
    Start a new race and select ‘Begin Career’. At the Register Screen, enter “Go Bruins!” – The screen will go black for a second, and then you’ll be at the Team / Circuit Selection screen. There is now access to:

    • Team Andretti
    • Saltillo / Gustifson Racing,
    • McCray-Setec Racing
    • Pacific Car
    • Gibson-Linwood,
    • NACA-Lau
  • Unlock Master Options
    While racing pause the game: Go to the Race Statistics Screen. Now hold Circle and press Cross. An option screen will appear which allows you to change various aspects in the game. This includes:

    • Drafting Effect
    • Draft Distance
    • Front Downforce
    • Rear Downforce
    • Fuel Consumption Rate
    • Incremental Breaking
    • Tire Wear Rate
    • AI Speed Percentage
    • Torque Spins
    • Centrifugal Force.



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