Cubix Robots For Everyone: Race ‘N Robots

PSX PlayStation Cubix Robots For Everyone: Race 'N Robots Black Label Retail Release

Jewel Case Release


The 3DO Company
November 8, 2001
Blitz Games, Ltd.
7 90561 52531 8
Sony ID:
1 to 4 Players
1 Block
Analog, Multi-Tap
Everyone Mild Violence
Box Copy:

Join Cubix and Friends at the races!

Bubble Town’s Racing Championships are about to start! Choose between Cubix or 3 other cool robots to race around different areas of Bubble Town. Prove you are the ultimate racing robot champ by being the first across the finish line!

  • Race as your favorite Cubix character: Dondon, Maximix, Mozzarellix, or Cubix.
  • Speed through different racetracks and environments, including downtown Bubble Town.
  • Zip by the Botties Pit to buy racer upgrades like the Zero-G Engine, Nitro Scoop, Gravity Grip or Mega Horn.
  • Avoid dangerous obstacles like Crushers and Rams




The first variant (though they were all probably released at the same time) is the Trading Card variant. There’s a bright green and black sticker on the shrink wrap. Then inside the case is this small, thin Trading Card that pulls triple duty as it will also work in the Collectible Card Game and then works with the toys themselves. The CD, insert, and manual appear to be 100% the same across all three versions.

PSX PlayStation Cubix Robots For Everyone Race N Robots Trading Card Variant

Trading Card Variant

Here’s a close-up of the sealed card front and back. It comes with a single instruction sheet inside shrinkwrap.

The other variant is the Music CD version. It has the same style of black and green sticker that the Trading Card has, but the music CD is wacky! Back in the 2000s, there was this fad where companies would release weirdly shaped music CDs. This one looks like a larger trading card, but in reality, it’s a shaped music CD single. This should ONLY be used in ‘hub’ style players like the PlayStation and Saturn. NEVER EVER try and slide it into a feed tray (Original PS3) or a Multi-Disc loader. The CD comes in a little shrink wrap.

PSX PlayStation Cubix Robots For Everyone Race 'N Robots Music CD Variant

Music CD Variant

Front and back of the music CD.



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