Blaster Master Blasting Again

PSX PlayStation Blaster Master Blasting Again

Jewel Case Release


Crave Entertainment
November 21, 2001
Art System
6 50008 19914 7
Sony ID:
1 Player
1 Block
Analog, Vibration
Everyone Animated Violence
Box Copy:


Due to popular demand, the immortal legend is blasting back, resurrected as a 3D-Action bonanza on PlayStation game console. And guess what? It’s better than ever!!!

Our old champion Jason, weary of his battles has passed away and his heroic crown has fallen to Roddy his only son and heir. It is Roddy, with the help of his sister Elfie, that is destined to seek out and destroy the treacherous half flesh, half machine mutations that are steadily multiplying beneath the earth. Having depleted the space they have occupied since their supposed demise, they are now burrowing their way to the very core of the Earth and ultimately threatening the stability of the entire planet. Roddy must trek through Earth’s crust and find a way to stop this terrible infestation. Like wood worms they will leave the Earth rotten, a dusky husk that will collapse in on itself.

Roddy will reveal the secret of Eve, his alien mother, and will uncover the idiosyncrasies of Sophia, and will fight and win.

But then again, that’s up to you………The “Blaster Master” is back!




Blaster Master Blasting Again along with another of Crave Entertainment’s games hold a peculiar variant issue. Below is a sealed copy of the game which then has a generic MCI Worldcom Pre-Paid phone card shrinkwrapped to it. It was readily available at Targets.

The problem? The new barcode is that of the wholesale distributor it came from, not Crave Entertainment. The bigger problem is that Crave Entertainment was sold to that very wholesale distributor 8 years after Blaster Master released in 2009.

While the overall understanding is that they were clearly trying to get rid of two products at once – the pre-paid card and the game – the question is if this is a real variant? The distributor had processed through tons of other PlayStation games not from Crave Entertainment applying their barcodes to them; more than likely tracking shipments and not the individual games. This is backed-up by some games sharing the same wholesale barcode. It’s one of the more curious ‘Schrödinger’s cat‘ situations in the PlayStation library.

PSX PlayStation Blaster Master Blasting Again MCI Worldcom Pre-Paid Phone Card Wholesale Variant

Wholesale Distributor Version with MCI Worldcom Pre-Paid Phone wrapped to the already sealed copy




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  • The only version of the game actually called Blaster Master in Japan. It was also eventually released under Sunsoft’s “Value 1500” series, a budget subset like the Simple Series.
  • If there was ever a crazy lineage for a PlayStation game, this is it. Blasting Again’s backstory is actually the plot from the Worlds of Power: Blaster Master book. A book that was designed as a companion to the original NES release.
  • The original Blaster Master is available on the PlayStation through the import Sunsoft Memorial Series: Volume 4.

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