Site Progress Update

Hey everyone!

First, a huge thank you for your patience in this rebuilding process. After adding over 100+ games back on to the site and rebuilding many of the Master List pages, I can safely say that it’s not just the site that’s feeling the effects of a clean slate. While exhausted from the frantic pace, I can admit that I haven’t felt this creative in terms of site possibilities in a very long time. Adding game pages and writing Living History updates is fine, but after 3 years of doing just those two, it’s clear my time on YouTube has stolen some of the content possibilities here.

So that’s going to change. Nothing too dramatic, but there are a lot of little things I’d like to get back into trying here. These update posts, for example, so changes that aren’t readily presented on the front page can get the attention they deserve. That said…

Important Site Additions:
  1. The Long Box Master List is now fully populated and linked. I know it’s a huge departure from the previous formats (the accordion, the giant image galleries, etc) but for right now I think it will work out best this way.
  2. The Master Lists Page has a brand new addition – The Light Gun Subset page. This will be the first of many new subset additions to come. The next subset list I want to do is actually fairly large, so that may be handled in waves while other subsets are assembled.
  3. All Subsets except for the Silver Bottom Disc variants are back on line and refreshed. Games that are not currently linked from their list are because they aren’t on site yet. I’ll be re-linking them at the same time I add them back to site.
  4. The Elemental Gearbolt Assassin’s Case page has been brought back with nice new large format images.
  5. The old Arcade Compilations page has been completely re-written to include all arcade game ports. It’s a much healthier looking list.
  6. Various typos, accidental omissions, and other small mistakes that were present on old pages have been corrected on their new pages. This includes a fresh look at the Working Designs Variant page, which has been given a smaller width and tabbed pages to keep things more organized. If you happen to spot any typos or mistakes, please contact me so I can fix them post haste.
  7. The site has now been re-connected to its Tumblr, Twitter (which posts to FaceBook), and Google pages. This way the Living History Project and Site News articles will auto-post again.
Moving Forward:
  1. Today was the first day I was able to add an actual new game page and not a re-add. As forward progress continues, I’ll be splitting the new page and re-add duties evenly so that no pace is lost in getting the site fully stocked. The re-birth came at a perfect lull in the Living History Project’s scheduling, and I took full advantage of it.
  2. Probably not till next month, but once the re-adds on PlayStation are taken care of, I’ll begin the process of creating new templates for the other systems. I fully admit PlayStation takes up the majority of my time, but I always felt bad I could never get to beefing up the non-PSX pages. Really want to change that.
  3. Sometime early next year when there’s a lull in Living History releases, I’ll finally move the site to a new theme. I am creating an off-line copy of the site to mess around with so any mistakes I make in checking out themes won’t affect the real deal. Since the purge she’s been behaving wonderfully and I don’t want to mess that up.

That does it for now, be safe and go play some games!


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