Top Gun: Fire at Will

PSX Top Gun Fire At Will Plastic Ridged Long Box Retail Release

Plastic Ridged Long Box Release


Spectrum Holobyte
June 14, 1996
Spectrum Holobyte
0 85004 15470 6
Sony ID:
1 Player
1 Block
Kids to Adults Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Just for the Butt-kicking G-pulling, Bogey-bashing Thrill of It!

  • You are Maverick – and you’ve got your orders on your mind, Commander Hondo on your back and MiGs on your tail!
  • Top Gun: Fire At Will! features live-action video, including the return of James Tokan as “Hondo”, Maverick’s tough, cigar-chompin’ Commanding Officer, and Julie Carmen as “Amanda”.
  • Chase the enemy over stunning terrain, through dense clouds and into the sunset!
  • Attack your foe with a massive arsenal of lethal air-to-air missiles and deadly special weapons.
  • Control more power and bigger, better weapons when you hunt down each level boss.
  • Top Gun: Fire At Will!  Just remember: The trophy for second best is a headstone.







Top Gun was also released into the regular jewel case version with the 2-ring hub (like how the long box has).

Jewel Case Release

It is also released with the 1-ring hub…where the inner ring is raised and there’s a clear groove. See the bottom right of the image. This is important because…

PSX Top Gun Jewel Case 1 Ring with groove variant

1-Ring Raised with Groove Variant

…because it was also released as a 1-ring FLAT hub. Where the groove is actually under the plastic…because VARIANTS!

PSX Top Gun Jewel Case 1 Ring Flat or Smooth variant

1-Ring Smooth / Flat Variant



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  • James Tolkan, the tough-talking Commander Hondo from the movie, returns as the main man who chews you out.
  • Julie Carmen stars as a TV news reporter.
  • The jet pilots “Merlin,” “Cougar,” and “Stinger” return to the game, though portrayed by different actors. Oddly, Cougar is not mentioned anywhere in the manual credits.
  • The majority of the game’s storyline is a weird slightly re-written version of the film, in which Cougar loses his cool and Hondo sends you (Maverick) to Miramar. From there it expands into its own arc. Note that “Goose” has been completely removed from the picture.
  • Several minutes of the movie’s opening credit footage is mixed in with the new video game footage, as well as several film dog fight scenes being used later on.
  • There is a god-awful redone version of Kenny Loggin’s “Danger Zone” performed during the opening…so bad it hurts.
  • One of the people thanked in the manual is only referred to as “Mega Dude.”



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