Final Fantasy Origins

PSX PlayStation Final Fantasy Origins Black Label Retail Release

Jewel Case Release


Role Playing Game Compilation
April 8, 2003
6 62248 90301 9
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1 Player
1 Block (Each)
Teen Violence
Box Copy:

The Birth of Adventure

Experience the re-release of two classic games which started the most popular RPG series worldwide.

Contains complete versions of the ground-breaking Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II which has never before been released in North America. Both games contain enhanced graphics, sound, and music, plus special features unique to this collection.

Collector’s Package Bonus Features:

  • New theme songs and CG opening cinemas
  • Art galleries of Yohitaka Amano’s illustrations
  • Detailed bestiaries of enemies for each game
  • Expanded event scenes and new story scenes




Final Fantasy Origins is no stranger to variants, so let’s get them started. First is the Canadian release with the second manual in French. This would have been shrink-wrapped to the front of the case. No informational changes.

PSX PlaySTation Final Fantasy Origins Black Label Canadian Retail Release with French Manual

Canadian Release with French Manual

Next up is the trusty Greatest Hits Release. Info is now SLUS-01541GH and PSRM-025191

PSX PlayStation Final Fantasy Origins Greatest Hits Green Label Release

Greatest Hits Release

Now we have the “Silver Bottom” variants from the Square-Enix Store. Along with several other Squaresoft titles, FF Origins was reprinted on standard silver disc media – not the usual blue / black dyed discs as usual. These Silver reprints haven sold for years and directly from Square-Enix. There are at least two known print runs.

The first one looks exactly like the original Greatest Hit print run, except the the right-side copyright text is a little thicker / bolder.

PSX PlayStation Final Fantasy Origins SIlver Bottom Disc Square-Enix Store Release Version 1

Silver Bottom Square-Enix Store Release Version 1

With the second known silver print run, the manual and back insert’s Greatest Hits “green” is a bit darker, as is the manual’s back artwork. However, the disc’s right-side copyright info is now back to being the thinner font of the original Greatest Hits. In fact, it’s even thinner!

PSX PlaySTation Final Fantasy Origins Square-Enix Store Silver Bottom Release Version 2 with Darker Green

Silver Bottom Version 2 with Darker Green Greatest Hits bars.


  • There are no known misprints.




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  • In the original NES version, there was a headstone that read, “Here Lies Eldrick” in reference to Dragon Warrior’s protagonist. Here in the re-master, the same headstone now reads, “May Link Rest in Peace” – a nod to Nintendo’s RPG hero.
  • Features a much more robust storyline and includes all new and expanded cinematics. It really does look like a Super Nintendo compilation rather then an NES one.
  • Includes both an Easy and Normal Mode.
  • Also new to the disc is a really nifty ‘Collections’ section buried in the Configuration screen. It offers a Bestiary that tracks every monster you meet and offers notes on them, a list of world locations, and insanely high-resolution scans of Amano’s original sketches.


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