Arc The Lad Collection

PSX PlayStation Arc The Lad Collection

Collector’s Edition – Variant B Set  / PSRM – 023750B, 023760B, 023770B, 023780B


Role Playing Games
6 (5 Game CDs, 1 Making of)
Working Designs
March 15, 2002
Working Designs / G-Craft
7 35366 01224 3
Sony ID:
SLUS-01224b, 01252b, 01253b, 01254b, 01255
023750, 023760, 023770, 023780, 020210
1 to 2 Players
1 to 2 Blocks
Analog, Vibration
Teen Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Violence
Box Copy:

Six Disc Collector’s Edition!

  • Includes 5 Game CDs, and 1 Exclusive “Making of Arc The Lad” CD!
  • 150+ Page Leatherette Hardbound Artbook / Instruction Manual!
  • Exclusive Thumb Button Covers!
  • Exclusive Memory Card Holder!
  • Exclusive Character Mini-Standees!
  • Built-in Save Conversion! Convert data from one chapter to the next to unlock secret events and special items!

Arc the Lad I

The first game in the series that really redefined what a Strategy / RPG could be introduces players to a magical world teetering on the edge of destruction. Only young Arc possesses the power to stop the impending destruction, as he fights his way to unsealing the power of the Ark, with help from his friends Kukuru, Poca, Tosh, Gogen, and Iga.

Arc the Lad II and Arena

The second game in the Arc series introduces Elc, a bounty hunter with a tragic past. He must join forces with Arc to stop the minions of the Dark One, whose presence was only hinted at in the first game. A vast array of impressive Strategy / RPG innovations are introduced in this chapter, like the job system, weapon melding, and multiple-viewpoint storylines. In another first for U.S. console gaming, players can load Arc The Lad II save data into the innovative Arc Arena CD that is included in the package. Players can then take monsters captured in their individual games and battle it out for prizes in the monster tournament.

Arc The Lad III

Arc the Lad III introduces a new lead character, Alec, and ties up all the storylines developed in the first two games in a way that will leave die hard role-playing fans breathless. It also brings the Arc world into a fully-3D polygon environment! Join Alec as he continues Arc’s heroic battle to save the world from the black advance of ultimate evil!




Arc the Lad Collection’s Omake Box is a bittersweet mix of items for the final Working Designs game on original hardware. The almost now standard leatherette manual is accompanied by 4 analog stick covers (mistakenly called ‘thumb button’ covers), another set of mini-standees like Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete had, and then a memory card holder.

PSX PlaySTation Arc The Lad Collection Omake Box Contents

Omake Box and Contents

Now comes the hilarious part. There are only two actual disc variants for the game (see below), but there are three total memory card case variants. One is randomly inserted into each box set. So to have all the variants you simply need two complete games and a third memory card holder by itself – or an extra game with it inside.

PSX PlayStation Arc the Lad Collection Memory Card Variants

Memory Card Variants – only one per game.



The only other variant for Arc The Lad’s game discs is Variant C Set. Only the game discs and the memory card holder vary between the boxes.

“Red and Black Discs” Set  = SLUS – 01224C, 01252C, 01253C, 01254C, 01255 / PSRM – 023790, 023800, 023810, 023820, 020210

PSX PlayStation Arc The Lad Collection Variant C Set

Variant C Set – With Red and Black Disc Arts



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  • There’s a hidden game of checkers using the game’s slime enemy as the playing pieces buried on the “Making of” CD. At the chapter selection screen, soft press Circle, Circle, X, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square. If done correctly the game will load. If the movie for the CD starts, you’re pressing the X too hard/slow.
  • For an amusing message, during Chapter 5 of the “Making Of” CD hit the built in pause button at roughly 1:28 on the clock. If you read the lines of programming, it comes off as reading “Must delete hentai (porn) library off of laserdiscs…”
  • While the current trend of modding systems has led to ‘skins’ (vinyl stickers for consoles), Arc was the first modern day authorized game to require players to dismantle their controller to a small degree. The default rubber grips would have to be removed for the included Arc versions to be successfully applied.
  • Working Designs has brought over games created by console developers for their own systems. Sony of Japan created Arc the Lad, while they brought several of Sega of Japan’s own titles to the Saturn.
  • The final PlayStation game to be released by Working Designs. They would have 3 PS2 releases before finally closing up shop.
  • Arc the Lad was the first ever strategy RPG for the PlayStation in Japan.
  • Arc the Lad III was the first game in the series to go full 3D.
  • All four games were released separately between 1995 through 1999 in Japan.
  • The largest PlayStation game package ever released as far as total number of CDs at 4 complete games. The only one that can top it is Riven: The Sequel to Myst, which tops off at 5 game CDs, but all for one game.
  • On December 12th, 2005, Victor Ireland posted on the Working Designs message board that WD has been officially shut down.




Arc The Lad has one of the craziest Cheats you could unlock in a game, that can be used to explore other games.

  • Unlock Slime Mini Game “Slime Time”
    Load the ‘Making Of Arc the Lad’ disc. At the Main Menu, press: Circle, Circle, Cross, Square, Square, Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square, Start. You can now play Checkers with the slimes.
  • Hidden Message
    Insert the ‘Making Of’ disc. Play Chapter 5, bring up the on-screen menu and wait for 1 minute 28 seconds mark in the video. Pause once you get there. If you read the programming lingo on the screen, it’s saying to delete a laserdisc hentai collection. Hentai is Japanese adult animated media.
  • Debug Mode
    REMOVE YOUR MEMORY CARD BEFORE TRYING THIS. Insert the ‘Making Of’ disc. Press Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Start. The screen will go black and you’ll now be looking at files on the Making of Disc, as if you had placed it in a computer. There is a slim chance that you can actually execute various files on the disc by highlighting it and Press Cross – or any disc for that matter. Most of the time the system will just hang.To swap discs, simply open the lid of the PlayStation, toss in the next game disc, and press Start. The system will re-read and bring up that game’s folder system. What makes this interesting is that some games store unlockable options as their own separate executable. So in Motor Toon Grand Prix, you can have the system load the secret Formula 1 car mode that you would normally unlock via in-game progression. Other games will allow you to view the ending movies.

    We have you remove your memory card because some games have Auto-Save functionality, and there’s no telling what Saving a file with missing progression in-code flags could do to the File or even the memory card itself.


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