Tommo 3 For 1 Value Pack Volume #1

PSX PlayStation Tommo 3 For 1 Value Pack Volume #1

Cardboard Slip Cover with 3 Games Bundled In


Agetec / Tommo
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  • Standard game: The classic game is played under the same rules as its real life counterpart.
  • Quest Game: Different 3-Pin combinations are set-up on the lane. Completing a 3-pin setup moves you on to the next 3-pin set up and provides you with an extra chance!
  • Special game: 45 pins are set up on the lane. The player is given three chances (balls) per frame to knock down all the pins.

Battle Hunter

In the near future, mankind barely survives a third “Great War”. The remaining scientists who are dedicated to bringing humanity back from the brink of extinction need vital information and special items that are stored in the ruins of former hi-tech cities.Too dangerous for normal troops, these missions require the use of highly trained mercenaries code-named: “Hunters.” These combat veterans face the terrors of a mutated underworld while competing with other Hunters for the chance to bring back the prized relics of the past!

Crossroad Crisis

Crossroad Crisis is a newborn searching for his parents. The player must guide Tic Tac Chicken to safety on his journey. The player must place and rotate tiles in front of Tic Tac Chicken in order to create a safe path for him to follow. Each stage has a requirement for the number of tiles that must disappear before the goal will appear. A tile will disappear from the board once Tic Tac Chicken has crossed over it twice. Once the required number of the tiles has been erased, the goal will appear and the player must move it into Tic Tac Chicken’s path. The stage is cleared once the chicken and goals are united.





Tommo 3 For 1 Value Pack Volume #1 includes the full retail copies Bowling, Battle Hunter, and Crossroad Crisis. These are the literal store copies – they are not marked as ‘Part of a Set’ like the official PlayStation Collector’s Edition. The reason these are so hard to find is because most stores simply tossed the outer box and then sold them individually.

Bowling – The pack-in version corrects the Player Typo in the back of the case. It’s a 1 to 4 Player game.

PSX PlayStation Tommo Value Pack 1 Bowling 3 Pack Release

Jewel Case Release – Corrected Player Icon – 3 Pack Version

Battle Hunter – Visually appears to be the same as the regular release.

PSX PLayStation PSX Tommo Value Pack 1 Battle Hunter Tommo 3 For 1 Value Pack Release

Jewel Case Release – 3 Pack Version

Crossroad Crisis – Appears to be the same as the regular release

PSX PlayStation Value Pack 1 Crossroad Crisis 3 Pack Release

Jewel Case Release – 3 Pack Version



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