Twisted Metal 4

PlayStation Twisted Metal 4

Twisted Metal 4 brings 989 Studios’ take on the series to a close, with improvements to Twisted Metal III’s engine and…Rob Zombie?

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Formula One 99

PlayStation Formula One 99

Formula One 99 continues Psygnosis’ racing legacy in the 2nd Party realm with more chances to have contact between the two cars.

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Formula 1 98

Formula 1 98 Manual

Psygnosis delivers another sequel in their bread and butter category – racing. Formula 1 98 adds a bountiful amount of additions to the game engine.

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Twisted Metal III

Twisted Metal III Manual

Twisted Metal III is the first time that series creator Single Trac isn’t at the metaphorical wheel. 989 Studios’ most daunting task in their history.

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Spice World

PSX Spice World

For those that really, really, wanted it, the publisher behind some of Sony’s most prolific titles brings the video game adaptation of the Spice Girls’ movie Spice World to task.

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