Street Sk8er

PSX PlayStation Street Sk8er

Electronic Arts goes for broke as they releases the first dedicated skateboarding game for the PlayStation with Street Sk8er.

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Street Racer

PSX PlayStation Street Racer

Ubi Soft and Vivid Image bring a strange Mario Kart-like game to the PlayStation with Street Racer. Up to 8 players can tackle over 20 tracks.

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Spawn The Eternal

PSX PlayStation Spawn The Eternal

Sony brings Todd McFarlane’s Not-Spider-Man-in-Dr.-Strange’s-Cape moody super hero to their home console with Spawn The Eternal.

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Space Jam

PSX PlayStation Space Jam

Acclaim keeps the Jam licence alive with a video game based on the animated and live action movie Space Jam. Dunk over Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.

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Soviet Strike

PSX PlayStation Soviet Strike

The Creators of the ‘Strike’ Series on the Genesis and Super NES hit the PlayStation with everything they have in Soviet Strike.

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Soul Blade

PSX PlayStation Soul Blade

Namco pushes the PlayStation farther than ever with an incredible arcade conversion of Soul Edge, now known in the states as Soul Blade.

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Sorcerer’s Maze

PSX PlayStation Sorcerer's Maze

XS Games continues the budget game releases in 2003 with Sorcerer’s Maze, a arcade-puzzle game with over 100 stages to run through.

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PSX PlayStation SlamScape

MTV and Viacom try to weasel their way into the PlayStation fandom with SlamScape, a futuristic and confusing game that quietly died at retail.

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Robotron X

PSX PlayStation Robotron X

Midway tries their hand at the remastering genre with one of the great arcade games of its time with the release of Robotron X.

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