Tommo 3 for 1 Value Pack Volume #2

PSX PlayStation Tommo 3 for 1 Value Pack #2

Cardboard Sleeve with 3 Retail Games


Agetec / Tommo
Varies By Game
6 95771 10001 3
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Varies By Game
Varies By Game
Varies By Game
Varies By Game
Varies By Game
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The game is simply played the same as the regular pool game.

  • Nine Ball: When you break, if you drop a nine ball you win. If nine ball is not dropped, the next player starts shooting beginning with the lowest numbered ball on the table. Before each turn the computer shows which ball should be hit.
  • Eight Ball: If an 8 Ball is not dropped on the break, play continues until a ball is made in. If the first ball in is a stripe, the one hitting it is now stripes and the other player solids and vice versa.
  • Rotation Ball: This game starts out like nine ball, except that the number of each ball dropped is your score. The player who reaches a regulation number of points first is the winner


As a contender in the toughest martial arts championship in the world, you must endure multiple attacks while executing your own fighting style upon a host of brutal fighters. Select everything from the character that has the toughness you need, to the weight of the gloves themselves (Hint: the lighter the glove, the harder you hit!). Aim your barrage of punches, kicks, and special moves to completely decimate your opponents on your way to being crowed the King of Kickboxers!

Shooter Starfighter Sanvein

This shooting game is unique because of its time-based system that contains no health or damage meters. Instead, there is a time gauge on the screen. Each time you take an enemy hit, your time gauge decreases, with each defeated boss character your time gauge increases.





The 3 Pack includes the following games:

Billiards appears to be the same as the individual release.

PSX PlayStation Billiards Tommo 3 for 1 Value Pack #2

Jewel Case Release – Pack In

Shooter Starfighter Sanvein got reprinted with corrected Icons and updated ESRB descriptor.

PSX PlayStation Shooter Starfighter Sanvein Tommo 3 for 1 Value Pack #2

Jewel Case Release – 3 Pack Version

Kickboxing appears to be the same as the regular retail release.

PSX PlayStation Kickboxing Tommo 3 for 1 Value Pack #2

Jewel Case Release – Park of the 3 Pack



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