PlayStation Game Soundtracks

This page is dedicated to publicly released soundtracks based on USA NTSC PlayStation Games. This does NOT cover Japan, as I value my sanity. It has been divided into 5 groups for easier listing purposes. This section is always being researched. Any help in filling in any blanks would be greatly appreciated!



These are CDs that were either Pre-Order Bonuses or Promotional Items given away separately alongside the game’s release.

007 Tomorrow Never Dies

Castlevania SOTN Promo CD

Crash Bandicoot Sampler

Demolition Racer CD

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Metal Gear Solid Promo CD

Nightmare Creatures II Promo CD

PSM Music Generator Sampler

Road Rash Jailbreak Promo CD

The Black Ice / Developer Demo CD

Thousand Arms


These were CDs released commercially as full retail purchases. Many were from Tokyopop.

Chrono Cross

Chrono Trigger Official Soundtrack: Music from Final Fantasy Chronicles

Final Fantasy IV Official Soundtrack: Music from Final Fantasy Chronicles

Final Fantasy IX: Uematsu’s Best Selection

Final Fantasy N Generation Official Best Collection

Final Fantasy S Generation Official Best Collection

Fox Hunt

Ghost in the Shell

Gran Turismo, The Sound of

Gran Turismo 2 – Speed of Sound

Legend of Mana

Lost World: Jurassic Park, The

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor: Underground

Medal of Honor: Underground Best Buy Variant

Parasite Eve II

Resident Evil – Remix (Tokyopop)

Resident Evil 2

Road Rash 3D – The Album

Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Remixes

Threads of Fate

Tony Hawk 3 Soundtrack

Wipeout XL


These are digital download albums released either by the game’s publisher or the actual composer.

Clicking on the Game Name will take you to the Respective Download / Sale Page

Ape Escape
Bio Freaks
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Cold Storage (MTV Music Generator)

Final Doom
Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee


These are CDs that were included in the retail packaging of a video game or accessory.

Codebreaker DJ (Accessory with Bonus Disc)

Final Fantasy Anthology’s Bonus Music Disc
Lunar 1 CD
Lunar 2 CD
Nascar 98 /99 Music CD
Rhapsody’s Bonus Music CD
Roll Cage CD
Shin Megami Tenshi: Persona
Twisted Metal 3 – Twisted Trax
Twisted Metal 4 – Twisted Trax


This page is for unique, not-for-public consumption releases.

PlayStation Sampler  1995 (Westwood 1)

PlayStation Sampler  1995 (Westwood 1) (Variant Release)

PlayStation Sampler 1996 (Westwood 1)

PlayStation Sampler 1996 (Westwood 1) (Variant Release)

SingleTrac Underground Archives

Wipeout 3 Press Kit CD