Capcom Vs. SNK Pro

PSX PlayStation Capcom Vs. SNK Pro

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One-on-One Fighting
August 14, 2002
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1 to 2 Players
1 Block
Teen Animated Violence, Suggestive Themes
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The Millennium Challenge

Two monster corporations at war. One solution. A massive martial arts event is organized to settle the score and eliminate all conflict between the two parties. Join over 30 brawlers from Capcom’s legendary Street Fighter and SNK’s world-renowned King of Fighters series as they fight for universal domination. Capcom vs. SNK Pro…the ultimate collision of strength and power.

  • 35 Characters from the Street Fighter and King of Fighters series’ collide in the ultimate test of supremacy.
  • Select from two different fighting styles: Capcom Groove or SNK Groove.
  • Groove Points System – Fighting Skills are evaluated in real-time.




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  • The history behind the Capcom vs. SNK series provided a fan boy’s dream come true. For the initial offering, Capcom and SNK each created their versions of the same title. Capcom would re-draw the SNK characters into their Alpha style, and combine elements from both worlds into the same stage. SNK’s version would redraw the Capcom stable into their King of Fighters universe, but allow a broader range of characters. Even more exciting, for the Capcom version, each side traded artists – SNK hand illustrated all of the Capcom characters and vice versa.
  • Level designers got very creative. Each stage is either a complete revision of an original location or a re-master combining both worlds. The most famous of the latter would be the dojo stage; you begin inside the SNK Art of Fighting team’s dojo, but if you lead left, you’ll see you’re actually across from the Street Fighter Alpha 24-hour mart!
  • Several tricks were used to cram as much on-screen information as possible; most special effects are effects (not 2D sprites), and there are small instances of video used in the background.
  • The game’s 4 button control set-up is based on SNK’s system. Capcom re-adjusted several SF character moves that were otherwise ‘missing’ due to no Medium Attack buttons.
  • “Pro” refers to the game’s inclusion of Capcom’s Dan and SNK’s Joe Higashi.
  • Most notable was the game’s Value system; each character was classified as a tier 1, 2, or 3 value based on strength and power. You were allowed to use 4 points per battle, which meant if you picked four “Tier 1” characters, you’d have 4 people to work with at once! This provided an amazing amount of bragging sessions.
  • Geese Howard’s ending “gesture” is a somewhat direct reference/in-joke to what happens to him in several Fatal Fury games.



Capcom Vs SNK Pro has some fun unlockables but some of them require a few specifics. Let’s get to it!

  • Unlock The Hidden Characters / Unlock Character’s EX Mode
    Easy! Just rack up Vs. points as you play and then head to the Price Mode to purchase them.

    • New Characters to Play As (For 300 Vs. Points Each):
      Akuma, Evil Ryu, Morrigan, Nakoruru, Orochi Iori
    • Unlock Character’s EX Modes (for 50 Vs. Points Each):
      This will slightly change up your character’s abilities. Once purchased, at the character select screen, a new prompt will appear. Hold Start and then press any Choice Button to use EX Mode. The name bar at the top in-round will flash EX to confirm. The only characters who do NOT have EX modes to purchase are Ryu, Iori, Dan, and Joe.You will need a total of 2800 Points to buy out the Character shop.
  • Fight Against Akuma
    Oddly enough, he’s the easiest one to fight. You will need to have a total of 85 or more Groove Points (the score at the bottom center of the match HUD) when you reach the final battle. If on SNK’s Groove Akuma will appear in place of Geese Howard. If you choose Capcom’s Groove, he’ll split M. Bison down his center and take his place. You can stack his requirement onto the other 4 characters below.
  • Fight Against Morrigan or Nakoruru
    The ladies take up your first chance for a hidden fight. You will need to hit the following requirements BEFORE starting the 4th Fight: Have at least 60 Groove Points, never lose a round, and finish every winning round with a Super Move. Morrigan will be your opponent on the Capcom Groove side, and Nakoruru will see you on the SNK side. They even have exclusive stages!
  • Fight Against Evil Ryu or Orochi Iori
    Our favorite possessed bad boys require the most requirements to unlock. You will need to do the following BEFORE the 4th fight: Purchase them from the shop, have at least 71 Groove Points, never lose a round, and finish every winning round with a Super Move. If you ding all of these pre-requisites they will appear instead of the ladies. Evil Ryu representing Capcom Groove and Iori is repping SNK Groove.
  • Hidden Color Selection
    Players have several colors with each of the standard buttons LP, HP, LK, and HK. For the four hidden colors, Press LP + LK, HP + HK, LP + LK, or HP + HK. The double button press doesn’t always catch, and the game doesn’t allow you to use the shoulder buttons on the selection screen. I’ve provided an example of Ryu’s full color palette to show there really are 8 colors.


    Ryu’s Full Color Palette Selection


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