PSX PlayStation Persona

Double Jewel Case Release


Genre: Role Playing Games CDs: 1
Publisher: Atlus Released: December 14, 1996
Developer: Atlus UPC: 7 30865 52011 4
Sony ID: SLUS-00339 PSRM: 005610
Players: 1 Player Memory: 2 Blocks
Accessories: None
ESRB: Kids to Adults Mild Animated Violence, Comic Mischief
Box Copy:

In the near future, mankind has conquered dimensional travel but the door we have opened swings both ways. The peaceful city you have grown up in has become a haven for dark creatures from another world-Demons! Now it’s up to you and your friends to harness the hidden power within you by entering the fantasy game known as Persona.

You awaken with incredible abilities that you will need to defeat the scores of Demon invaders and cleanse the land of their forces. Converse with them before doing battle to determine your best course of action. Fight them or enlist their aid in your mission. Either way, you are set for the fantasy adventure of a lifetime!

Special Features:

  • 100+ hours of pulse pounding gameplay
  • Over 300 different monsters to do battle with
  • Morph any members of your party into a more powerful “Persona”
  • Fight your way to one of many endings



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