August 2, 2000 New Releases: Jimmy White’s 2, MLS, and more

3 games arrive in mall store shopping bags today, with a focus on various sporting events.

First out of the block is the feature game Jimmy White’s 2: Cueball. It’s a sequel to a 1991 snooker game released on the Amiga. 9 years isn’t too long to wait for a follow-up, right?

PSX PlayStation Jimmy White's 2: Cueball

Jewel Case Release

If the outdoors is more your thing, how about the arctic chill of the snow with Sno-Cross Championship Racing. It features Yamaha snowmobiles.

PSX PlayStation Sno-cross Championship Racing

Jewel Case Release

Finally, if you’re just looking to get some kicks, Konami releases an updated soccer game with ESPN MLS Gamenight.

PSX PlayStation ESPN MLS Gamenight

Jewel Case Release

You have a week till the next game comes out, which is more wrestling’ action.

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