Surf Riders

PSX PlayStation Surf Riders

Jewel Case Release with Quick Start Sheet


Genre: Surfing CDs: 1
Publisher: Ubi Soft Released: August 1, 2000
Developer: Sunsoft UPC: 0 08888 31012 9
Sony ID: SLUS-01190 PSRM: 019340
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: Analog, Vibration
ESRB: Everyone No Descriptors
Box Copy:

Mother Nature is here to spank you silly.

Battle the world’s wildest waves, astride one of 15 licensed boards. Shredding to the surf anthems of Pollo Del Mar, The Aquamen & Los Straitjackets, try to tame the legendary tides of Hawaii, France, Australia, Japan, and California. Execute huge aerials, cutbacks, off the lips, or take a beating from Mother Nature herself.

Game Features:

  • 15 different surfboards from Gerry Lopez, Local Motion, Perason Arrow, Town & Country and Natural Art
  • Awesome surf anthems from The Aquamen, Pollo Del Mar and Los Straitjackets
  • Pull off mondo moves like cyclones, helicopters, left or right spins, off the lip, cutbacks and tube riders.



All copies of Surf Riders came with a Quick Reference Sheet. I didn’t even know this was in there, so if you bought your copy used, flip through the manual to see if it’s tucked in there. The Sex Wax (front and back) goes with the big box release below.



Probably the cheekiest variant in the entire PlayStation’s library. Certain copies of Surf Riders came with a larger box to hold a free sample of Mr Zogs Sex Wax. A roundish brick of wax that one uses on their real life surfboard. If you’re missing the Sex Wax but have the box, you’ll be annoyed by the fact that packed in version has a Surf Riders sticker on the back, meaning you couldn’t just buy an external one to complete your copy.

PSX PLayStation Surf Riders Sex Wax Edition

Cardboard box with Single Jewel Case and Sex Wax Sampler



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Surf Riders was featured as one of my most interesting Variants.



  • A rather curious mystery. If one uses to go back to the game’s original web-site at, there is a choice in the flash menu that just reads “Code Word”. Clicking on it does nothing. The html can’t be parsed due to the use of Flash, and there’s nothing in the manual or on the packaging pointing to the use. Will have to play the game to see if there’s any clues there. If you know the answer, e-mail me!

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