Micro Machines V3

PSX PlayStation Micro Machines V3

Jewel Case Game


Genre: Racing CDs: 1
Publisher: Midway Released: December 23, 1997
Developer: Codemasters UPC: 0 31719 26714 9
Sony ID: SLUS-00559 PSRM: 009100
Players: 1 to 8 Players Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: Multi-Tap (x2)
ESRB: Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:

1-8 player total breakneck racing of the fastest scale miniatures, on the wildest 3D modelled[sic] tracks, with explosive weapon power-ups – Micro Machines V3 – there’s nothing like it.

  • 48 wild 3D courses around the house
  • Power-ups – hammer, mines, force-field – blitz the opposition
  • Collect, test and gamble special prize cars
  • 1-8 player competitions – Head to Head, Challenge, Time Trial, Keepsies, Teams, and Party Play race modes

Allows two players to race with each Controller i.e. 4, 6, or 8 players with 2, 3 or 4 Controllers.



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Micro Machines was featured in our Cool Things Developers Did with Accessories video.

It was also featured in one of Midway’s Holiday Release promotional VHS tapes.



  • The game uses a fairly unique gimmick to get 8 players on one multi-tap. Two people sit opposite each other with a controller in their hands. One person uses The D-Pad’s Up and Down to steer left and right, while the other player uses X and Triangle. While it’s a bit awkward at first, when playing teams it is one of the absolute best times with a video game.
  • Micro Machines featured a great little bonus involving Codemasters’ web-site. In Time Trials, once you completed the race, you were given a scrambled code that acted as a report of your time. Think early version of a QR code. You could then go to their site, post the code, and if you were one of the fastest, your name and time would be posted for all the world to see. The page, and last known times have been preserved at the archive.org, and while you can still activate the entry, the web-site will not accept the code.
  • Observation: The Nintendo 64 version is called Turbo Mode, yet it is missing 5 tracks and 1 car compared to the PlayStation. On the bright side, you did get a random free actual Micro Machines Toy with purchase.

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