Jimmy Johnson’s VR Football ’98

PSX PlayStation Jimmy Johnson’s VR Football ’98

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Genre: Football CDs: 1
Publisher: Interplay Released: November 1, 1997
Developer: Padded Cell Studios UPC: 0 40421 89630 1
Sony ID: SLUS-00500 PSRM: 008450
Players: 1 to 8 Players Memory: 3 Blocks
Accessories: Multi-Tap (x2)
ESRB: Kids to Adults No Descriptors
Box Copy:

“Lookout Madden and NFL Gameday and the others: Nothing will be the same after J.J. invades the video game world.”
-Roy Bassave, Miami Herald/Knight Ridder Newspaper

Nobody can dispute that Jimmy Johnson is “The Coach” of the 90s. Now, Jimmy brings all his experience and passion for the game to give you the most authentic and exciting NFL gaming experience ever created.

Choose your plays with one click as you execute the most realistic running and passing game to hit the PlayStation™ game console. Best of all, use the Coach’s Clipboard to create and store your own set of winning plays and use them against other grid-iron warriors in head-to-head competition.
Jimmy Johnson’s VR Football ’98: It’s what NFL football is all about.

  • Ask Jimmy. Motivation, game tips, personnel assessment and post-game analysis from Jimmy Johnson.
  • Coach’s Clipboard. Create your own plays and save them on a memory card.
  • One-Step Play Calling. Choosing your play is as simple as pressing a button.
  • 3-D Passing Interface. An innovative 3-D passing interface provides precise control of passes and kicks.
  • 1997 Rosters. Fully licensed with all 30 NFL teams with authentic playbooks and formations for each team. Plus, new uniforms for Tampa Bay & Denver.
  • Plus – Customize Players and Teams, General Manager Mode, and Adjustable Real-Time Camera Movement Before the Snap.



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  • When the game was first released Interplay donated a $1 for each game sold to the United Way charity. It is unknown if they sold enough games to reach their $25,000 limit.

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