Spawn The Eternal

PSX PlayStation Spawn The Eternal Metallic Cover

Jewel Case Release – “Pre-Order / Day 1 Edition” with Foil Manual Cover


Genre: Action CDs: 1
Publisher: Sony Released: December 12, 1997
Developer: Sony UPC: 7 11719 42042 2
Sony ID: SCUS-94204 PSRM: 002660
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: None
ESRB: Mature Animated Violence, Animated Blood & Gore
Box Copy:

Todd McFarlane’s Dark Comic Hero Is Unleashed. Only A Fight In Hell Will Save His Soul!

When Spawn’s hell-born rage explodes, can anything survive?

  • Featuring America’s #1 comic book characters including Overtkill, Tiffany, Vandalizer, Vaporizer, Violator, and the hellion Malebolgia.
  • Engage in blood gushing hand-to-hand slaughter and rip the limbs from your opponents.
  • Execute magic, cape and chain-based attacks.
  • Over 15 enormous and deadly 3D worlds.  Uncover secrets, magic and keys for a challenging adventure game experience.



Pre-Order or “Launch Day / Day One” editions came with a Foil Manual cover, featured above. It’s easily spotted by the gray lines in the background. The follow-up shipment returned to a rather startling plain cover. The disc and back insert appear to be the same.

PSX PlayStation Spawn The Eternal Regular Edition

Jewel Case Release – Regular Style Cover




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