PSX PlayStation RayStorm Black Label Retail Release Blue Ship Variant

Jewel Case Release – Blue Ship (PSRM-006830)


Working Designs
September 11, 1997
7 35366 00482 8
Sony ID:
1 to 2 Players
1 Block
Kids to Adults Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Grab your oxygen, mask and jump into the future of interplanetary defense. The year is 2219AD, and Earth’s Star Federation has unleashed the R-GRAY advanced tactical combat fighter to save the planet from certain destruction at the hands of the bloodthirsty Secilia Federation. Despite impossible odds, you must now command a specially outfitted R-GRAY fighter to defend Earth from certain destruction.

Each fighter is equipped with lock-on lasers, pulse lasers, and a single devastating assault laser array that can destroy all sighted targets at once. Even with this technology at your disposal, the battle will not be easy. Earth’s forces are depleted, and the merciless hordes of Secilia will settle for nothing less than complete annihilation of Earth. Fortunately, Star command has created two R-GRAY prototypes, so if you need extra firepower, a skilled friend can fly at your side.

Whether you fly solo or with a friend, the intense sound, action, and arcade-perfect Hyper-3D visuals will blow you away!





RayStorm has two releases – each release features one of the two ships players control in-game. Oddly enough, due to the cloudy sky artwork, you can’t see the SLUS number of the Red Ship disc. You can track all the Working Designs variants here.

PSX PlayStation RayStorm

Jewel Case Variant – Red Ship Disc (PSRM-006831)




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  • The first game brought to the PlayStation from Working Designs.
  • This was the first game under their SPAZ Label, designated for shoot’em ups separate from their RPG releases. Sort of like how EA and Acclaim both had “Sports” version releases.
  • Some back inserts RayStorm logo may have the green and blue slightly offset from the gold foil. While technically a ‘misprint’, it’s too common to be bothered listing it as such.
  • Of the two discs, the Red Ship version is the harder to find one.
  • The PSRM Numbers are opposite their ships. Player 1 is the 2nd PSRM (xxxxx1) and Player 2 is the 1st (xxxxx0).
  • The Red Ship disc art does not have an SLUS number designation. The text for it gets lost in the white cloud within the artwork.
  • What’s in a name? The original RayForce was a Japanese arcade release, but due to Trademark issues, was renamed Layer Section when it came to the Sega Saturn. When Acclaim brought it over to the US, they again renamed it to Galactic Attack.
  • This is part of the “Ray” trilogy. In release order, the three games are RayForce, RayStorm, and RayCrisis. Story wise though, RayStorm is the final chapter.
  • Working Designs was actually planning to release Layer Section in the US, but Acclaim beat them to the punch.


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