Shadow Master

PSX PlayStation Shadow Master

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Genre: Shooter CDs: 1
Publisher: Psygnosis Released: February 26, 1998
Developer: Hammerhead UPC: 7 35009 40022 2
Sony ID: SLUS-00545 PSRM: 007730
Players: 1 Player Memory: 2 Blocks
Accessories: Analog, Analog Joystick
ESRB: Teen Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Rage against death machines in fantasy worlds that defy imagination.

Take on a marauding metallic battalion of mechanized machines in this first person blast-fest.  An evil overlord has used up all his planet’s natural resources and now he needs yours.  Totally out of control, he will stop at nothing less than total genocide of anything organic.  Your job is to stop him and make scrap metal of his lethal robotic creatures.

  • 16 Punishing levels of high-caliber fire-power and tactical challenges
  • Battle through war zones in weapons-packed, futuristic assault vehicle
  • Journey through seven unbelievably detailed and stylized fantasy worlds with explosive visual effects
  • Open fire on a relentless onslaught of 60 different nightmarish enemy killing machines



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  • The game’s back insert contains three typos; ‘killing’ is incorrectly capitalized, there is a missing ‘a’ in the “Battle through…” line, and then “arelentless” should be ‘a relentless’ on the far left copy.
  • The game’s bright yellow survey card in the middle of the manual calls out the cover’s ‘Free Comic Offer’. The comic is actually more of a multi-fold brochure. It sets-up the game’s story and introduces some of the characters. It was illustrated by Jae Lee, and colored by then super popular LIQUID!, who was famous for coloring many of PSM’s cover illustrations. The comic is featured below. It was *not* included with the game; mail-away only.
PSX PlayStation Shadow Master

Mail-Away Comic

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