Steel Harbinger

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Genre: 3rd Person Shooter CDs: 1
Publisher: Mindscape Released: October 30, 1996
Developer: Mindscape UPC: 0 24294 12071 8
Sony ID: SLUS-00093 PSRM: 000760
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: None
ESRB: Mature Animated Blood & Violence
Box Copy:

Daddy’s little girl is out to save the world.

In a future plagued by fear, bizarre meteorites rain from the sky. Bursting upon impact, they expel metallic tendrils that invade every life form.  The fate of the world rests on the shoulders of one young woman. A woman who, with the help of her father, becomes a harbinger of destruction!  Armed with an extensive arsenal, you’ll battle multitudes of enemies determined to convert Earth into a planet of doom.  Daddy’s little girl doesn’t cook, but she’ll fry, bake or roast any enemy in sight.

Steel Harbinger Includes: 

  • Fast and furious real-time game design with multiple levels, options and solutions
  • Vivid, action packed movie sequences bring to life the story of Steel Harbinger.
  • Lots of cool 3-D gaming environments to liberate, including Antarctica, Kansas and the Moon.
  • Tons of menacing aliens and converted humans to exterminate.
  • Dozens of powerful futuristic weapons and vehicles to use and abuses, including tanks, big rigs, hover transports and more!



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  • The game’s cover seems to have been self censored or at least scaled back. The original image used in the magazine ads has the silver mesh as her bare skin. Now she is depicted having a full bodysuit, despite actually showing skin in the actual in-game cinematic.

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