Mega Man 8 Anniversary Edition

PSX PlayStation Mega Man 8 Anniversary Edition

Jewel Case Original Release with Art Booklet (“Collector’s Edition”).


Genre: Platformer CDs: 1
Publisher: Capcom Released: March 20, 1997
Developer: Capcom UPC: 0 13388 21022 0
Sony ID: SLUS-00453 PSRM: 005850
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: None
ESRB: Kids to Adult Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Mega Man – Mega Legacy – Mega Game

A Gigantic space explosion sends two strange meteors crashing to Earth. The call goes out and Mega Man speeds to the site. There he sees his arch-rival, Dr, Wily, fleeing the scene, clutching one of the mysterious metallic meteors. Now Mega Man must uncover the secret of the second meteor in a race to stay one step ahead of Dr. Wily and his new deadly breed of super-powered robots.

With the whole cast assembled for Mega Man’s 32-Bit debut and a 12-page picture anthology enclosed, the 10th Anniversary Edition is the Ultimate Mega Package. The Blue Bomber’s back!

  • Battle across 14 huge stages to face eight devious new enemies
  • Multiple upgrades for Mega Man – customize to your specifications every game
  • Intense Japanese anime intros, cut scenes, and cinema screens.
  • Incredibly fluid animation and highly detailed backgrounds
  • Collector’s Special Bonus Enclosed: A full-color history booklet of Mega Man including artwork previously unreleased in the U.S.



The launch day or “Pre-Order” edition of Mega Man 8, show above was a specialized package adorned with “Collector’s” phrasing all over it. It also included a small, pocket sized artbook showing off the Japanese artwork that was never used in the original NES releases.



Once the launch day version was sold out, a second and third printing of the game was published, but with the artbook and all “Collector’s” mentions removed. One print run has the disc with a darker, blacker hub, shown below…

PSX PlayStation Mega Man 8 Regular Release Black Ring

Jewel Case Variant – Black Ring “Plain Edition”

…and then another print run with the bluer hub, shown here. PLEASE NOTE: In reality these cases look exactly the same. The scans were done on different scanners a few years apart. Re-scans will be performed at a later time.

PSX PlayStation Mega Man 8 Blue Hub Plain Version

Jewel Case Variant – Blue Ring Hub.

It also had a Greatest Hits release. SLUS-00453GH and 005851 PSRM.

PSX PlayStation Mega Man 8

Greatest Hits Edition



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