Nacmo Museum Volume 1 – N

PSX PlayStation Nacmo Museum Volume 1 - N Black Label Retail Release

Jewel Case Release -Original “Letter” Edition – 2 Ring Hub


August 7, 1996
Namco / Bandai
7 22674 02056 5
Sony ID:
1 to 2 Players
1 Block
neGcon (For Pole Position)
Kids to Adults Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Bring Home 7 of the Greatest Games in Arcade History!

Keep those quarters in your pants. With Namco Museum Vol. 1, you can set up your own arcade with classics like Pac-Man, Galaga, Pole Position, Bosconian, Rally-X, New Rally-X and Toy Pop. Genuine arcade translations with genuine arcade options.

  • No dinosaurs in this museum. Each arcade classic has its own “wing” of the Museum containing info & trivia even the biggest video game geeks wouldn’t know.
  • Skip college. Become an arcade owner. Just like the authentic arcade uprights. Change settings to control difficulty, number of lives, etc. You’re an arcade god.
  • It’s a blast from the past. The exact arcade translations. Get all the graphics, sounds, and game play of the original coin-op hits.





Buckle up buttercup! After the original releases of Namco Museum Volumes 1 and 3, Namco realized people were in it for Pac-man and Ms. Pac-Man. So they re-released these two volumes with all new covers to let the casual folk see their favorite arcade games right off the bat.

PSX PlayStation Nacmo Museum Volume 1 - N

Jewel Case Re-Release with “Screenshot” cover. Confirmed 1 ring hub on the disc.

The game was eventually re-released in the new artwork as a standard Greatest Hits…but it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

PSX PlayStation Nacmo Museum Volume 1 - N Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits Release



Rough seas caused two very peculiar screw ups in the Greatest Hits assembly. The first of the two known misprints found Namco Museum 3’s back insert used instead of Volume 1. This has been confirmed multiple times by sealed copies.

PSX PlayStation Nacmo Museum Volume 1 - N

Greatest Hits Misprint – Namco Museum 3’s Back Insert in Museum 1’s case.

The other more peculiar misprint is that some copies came printed with Rugrats in Paris: The Movie game printed on the disc. Sadly there is no way to spot the game organically. You need to load up the game or toss it in a PC to see the files.

PSX PlayStation Nacmo Museum Volume 1 - N

Greatest Hits Rugrats in Paris misprint.

If you’re looking for more cool misprints, check out I AM ERROR’s site. He’s done a wonderful job tracking them across all systems.



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  • The original print run allowed all 5 game cases to be lined up and spell NAMCO.
  • In Japan, a 6th unscheduled release called the ‘Encore’ edition was announced. To get around the lettering issue, Namco made the cover their registered trademark symbol. Thus a new full set read NAMCO┬«. Those cheeky designers.


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