May 16 New Releases: Rhapsody, Vampires, and Duke

This has been a fantastic week for role playing game fans. After Vagrant Story yesterday, today is Rhapsody – a whimsical and fun alternative to the serious options. It’s also the featured game of the day – which is good because you can listen to the soundtrack while you work!

PlayStation Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

Double Jewel Case Release with Music CD

Also out today are two games for the Mature crowd. First up is Countdown Vampires – a spin on the Resident Evil approach to gameplay. You’re trapped inside a night club full of vampires and need to rescue people from becoming garlic haters permanently.

PlayStation Countdown Vampires

Jewel Case Release

Lastly, the main man himself Duke Nukem returns in Land of the Babes. Save a host of gorgeous resistance fighters as they try and save what’s left of the planet. This was originally marketed as “Planet of the Babes”, so if you were waiting for that…hear you go!

PlayStation Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes

Jewel Case Release

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