Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

PlayStation Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

Double Jewel Case Release with Music CD


Genre: Role Playing Game CDs: 2 (One Game Disc, One Music)
Publisher: Atlus Released: May 16, 2000
Developer: Nippon Ichi UPC: 7 30865 52018 3
Sony ID: SLUS-01073 PSRM: 017550
Players: 1 Player Memory: 1 Block
Accessories: Analog, Vibration
ESRB: Everyone Mild Animated Violence
Box Copy:

Includes original soundtrack CD!

Follow the adventures of Comet as she makes her way through Marl’s Kingdom in search of her one true love.With the help of her trusty magical horn she enlists the help of many magical creatures along the way to battle the beautiful but evil Majorly and her cohorts. Rhapsody is an epic RPG adventure that you’ll never forget,,,

  • Intuitive simulation-style battle system!
  • Use magic spells such as the hilarious “Pancake attack”!
  • Wonderfully illustrated anime characters and backgrounds.



It’s unknown if there is a second print run, but the original print run has a typo on the back. The sentence reads, “…in search or her one true love.” It should be ‘of’, not ‘or’.




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